Solange… Bin ich Feminist_in, Mariahilfer StraßeKatharina Cibulka

Solange… Bin ich Feminist_in, Mariahilfer Straße


Our body image is a reflection of our performance society: The focus is on the optimisation of the body as a continuation of self-optimisation in all areas of life. In the past, physical opulence was a sign of prosperity, now it is associated with laziness and lack of self-discipline. However, being slim alone is not enough: Firm and well-trained, defining the muscles, taut belly and ample breasts, the body must be sexy. The perfect staging of the body is served as a commodity on all social media platforms. It must create an immediate effect, otherwise the wiping continues.

The advertising industry is the defining authority for 'sexyness'. Through-composed campaigns fuel the fetishization of a body image beyond our reality and create a feeling of lack. By buying products, feelings of happiness are to be created and the supposed lack is to be compensated.

As feminists* we oppose the (body) optimisation mania and its image in advertising. The glorification of this artificial body image has devastating consequences for many women and girls. Especially in close proximity to Mariahilferstraße - THE shopping mile of Vienna - it is important to set an example or better to embroider a sentence that creates awareness for body diversity, for body positivity.

Not least the nearby Flakturm should remind us that the fetishization of the body has already once led to ruin. Turning away from a perfectly styled body towards a body in which we are allowed to feel comfortable and healthy could be an incredible liberating blow for all sexes:
As long as it's all about six packs and sex bombs, I will be a feminist.

About the Project:

We explore this fundamental question in our project SOLANGE (German for: as long as). Following one of feminism’s key issues – the quest for social justice – our project targets a broad social spectrum of gender-specific inequalities. The starting point of our research are interviews conducted with local people, asking them how long they will be feminists. We then create sentences based on their answers and embroider them onto dust nets in meter-high letters made of pink tulle. We will indeed present controversial slogans that address current problems, but also imply hope for a change. It is a kind of constructive provocation that wants to withhold blame or judgement. By using the public space for these messages, we declare it a political space. For two years, we have been wrapping construction sites (a traditionally male dominated space) with dust nets that are embroidered (a traditionally female dominated craft). The applied sentences point unmistakably at the existing imbalances. Every construction site has its own challenges and shapes the Solange-sentence and vice versa.

- Katharina Cibulka and the Solange Team


Construction Netting on Hotel Motto, Mariahilfer Straße 71A/Schadekgasse 20, 1060 Vienna

Further Information

Katharina Cibulka, *1975 in Innsbruck, living and working in Innsbruck.

Other construction nettings of the series (comissioned by KÖR)


Solange… Bin ich Feminist_in, Mariahilfer StraßeKatharina Cibulka

Time Period

September 26, 2019 to August 18, 2020

U3 Neubaugasse


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