Schleifen, DichtenGertrude Moser-Wagner

Schleifen, Dichten

Schleifen, Dichten (Profiling, Condensing) is a transitory art project and consists of three sections: Einfahrt (Entrance), Verschub (Shifting) and Ausfahrt (Exit). The first section, "Einfahrt," will open on May 30, 2021. The link for the sound file is here:

The element of rail connects. It creates the symbolic space. Balance, setting the course, the very idea of it stimulates participation. Starting from Wander Bertoni's memorial Weinende Brücke (Weeping Bridge) on the Floridsdorf Hochbahn, built in 1916 by forced laborers (hence the so-called Italian loop), ARBEIT (WORK) is examined in more detail: installatively, performatively, poetically, discursively. Existing places create the context for this and are acoustically and visually brought close to the audience and transposed. CAFE RESTAURANT, for example, becomes TRUE FACTS ARENA as writing on a signal box, with Siemens AG Austria in the background. A symbolic space for public art is given here, historically as well as in the future. "Work" is the core and content and is artistically implemented. What was (history), what is (present) and where is the train of time going?
You can find the video to "Schleifengang" on Youtube. There is also a video on AUSFAHRT.

The balance between work and life? Art presentations, lecture, panel discussion.
VERSCHUB is the shunting of rail vehicles. In the second part of the art project, the form of movement at the Italian matinée is a mental balancing.
How to balance? Listening and discussing about "work" in times of precarity, starting from an artistic find (memorial Weinende Brücke by Wander Bertoni) in the district and continuing from there.
The so-called "Italian Loop" in Floridsdorf was built in 1916 by Italian forced laborers, as explained in a lecture. From the diversity of the autonomy movement of the 1970s in Italy - workers and students standing up together against exploitation - new social models emerged at that time, similar to the participation movements today.
The element rail connects. It creates the symbolic space. Balance, setting the course - the very idea of it stimulates participation.

To conclude the project Schleifen, Dichten, a joint discursive AUSFAHRT (EXCURSION) of artists with the public is planned on Labor Day, May 1, 2022, starting at the Siemensstraße station. The S1 express train will take the group along the Nordbahn line with a view of the so-called "Italian Loop" of the elevated railroad, the memorial by Wander Bertoni, past the corporate headquarters of Siemens Austria AG and the artistically installed lettering "TRUE FACTS ARENA" at an abandoned signal box of ÖBB to the Railway Museum Strasshof. After a short walk, the audience is welcomed by the performance ZWANGBRÜCKE, in which the artists refer to Wander Bertoni's memorial.

In the unity of the silence of the sky and the stones, the cruel uncertainty of the future and the abandoned underground corridors of memory - and anyway, maybe what we think is silence is nothing else than the pulse of time...
At the port or at this station here, where the dead sing you farewell songs, so that you call them no more. In that place where you listen to all the voices of the world to hear your own voice, have taken upon yourself all the cries of the world to be born again... (Asli Erdogan)


Parking lot at Hochbahngasse 21, Siemensstraße train station, 1210 Vienna
Bezirksmuseum Floridsdorf, Pragerstrasse 33, 1210 Wien
Eisenbahnmuseum Strasshof, Siller-Straße 123, 2231 Strasshof an der Nordbahn

Further Information

Participating artists: Natalie Deewan, Emel Heinreich, Gertrude Moser-Wagner, Wally Rettenbacher
Concept: Gertrude Moser-Wagner,
Realization: Institut für Interaktive Raumprojekte


Schleifen, DichtenGertrude Moser-Wagner

Time Period

May 30, 2021 to May 1, 2022

In Cooperation with the IIC Vienna, ÖBB-Infrastruktur, the Cultural Commission of the district administration Floridsdorf and the BMKOES.

With the kind support of the Strasshof Railway Museum.



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Sound file for EINFAHRT
Video Building True Facts Arena - EINFAHRT
True Facts Arena - Natalie Deewan
Hörbeispiel zu Schleifen, Dichten: Franz Nahrada
Hörbeispiele: Textstrecken in Jedlsee
Video-Teaser Schleifengang
Video Schleifengang

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