Zwischen Anlagen AndererMichael Meier, Christoph Franz

Zwischen Anlagen Anderer

The walk-in sculpture, which in size, ground plan and façade design is based on a prototypical provident apartment (Vorsorgewohnung), consists of bricks taken from the rubble of local construction sites. The sculpture is positioned on Landstraßer Gürtel, in Vienna's 3rd district, in the vicinity of which numerous construction projects are currently being realized, precisely those provident apartments that Meier & Franz are focusing on with their work.

The printing plates of the publication accompanying the project are laid out on the floor of the sculpture, the texts thus becoming the foundation. They form a wide-ranging collection on current trends in the Viennese housing market. In it, a total of twelve authors describe how apartments are being turned into objects for profit and how housing construction is being turned into a formula for profit maximization. Even though the majority of households in the city of Vienna live in the municipal or non-profit sector, the number of investment apartments has increased significantly in recent years. The text contributions provide insight into strategies and intentions of the actors involved and contrast them with current and historical models of urban housing.
Text: Rebecka Domig


Corner Landstraßer Gürtel / Ghegastraße, 1030 Vienna

Further Information

Michael Meier & Christoph Franz (*1980/*1982) living and working as an artistic duo in Zürich (CH).

The accompanying publication on the project is published by Spector Books:

Concept / Editors: Michael Meier & Christoph Franz
Design: Atlas Studio
With contributions by: Sandra Bauernfeind, Michael Bonvalot, Vera Deleja-Hotko, Stephan Ferenczy, Dieter Henke, Susanne Heeg, Sabine Pollak, Christian Prantner, Martin Putschögl, Christoph Reinprecht, Walter Rosifka, Barbara Ruhsmann, Heiko Schmid, Marta Schreieck, Robert Temel, Lisa Winter
ISBN 978-3-95905-449-2


Zwischen Anlagen AndererMichael Meier, Christoph Franz

Time Period

June 21, 2021 to April 3, 2022

Tram 18, Heinrich-Drimmel-Platz

The realization of the artwork was supported by Gewölbebau Wagner GmbH and ZEROS e.U.



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