Winners 20 Seconds for Art, 2015Five winners

Winners 20 Seconds for Art, 2015

The following five winning films were ultimately chosen from about two hundred competition entries.

Claudia Larcher, Transfer, 2011/2015?
In Claudia Larcher’s video Transfer, inside and out flow together into a surreal subterranean cityscape. The technique of video collage combines different visual axes, unfolding a futuristic-looking urban space. Urban life with pedestrians in the streets, cars, and traffic signs infiltrates, and blends into, interior space.

Peter Roehsler, SISYPHOS
The short SISYPHUS (SCAVENGER) shows a street cleaner working his job in a demolished urban neighborhood. Unperturbed by the debris piling up around him, he meticulously sweeps up littered paper and shreds of packing from the street. The pictures of the scene echo the Greek myth of Sisyphus with the street cleaner becoming an actor in an utterly absurd scene.

Laura Skocek, citizens
The short film citizens shows an unnamed city port. Temporal and spatial structures around incoming travelers and playing children dissolve. One gets a momentary idea of the cityscape when there is a shift of the time axis and a building can be glimpsed. The short is evocative of the uncertainty that awaits these people in life.

The video URBAN MOVING SCULPTURE is about a temporary sculpture in public space. It basically consists of transparent plastic foil and a hard rubber panel with an inset PC fan energized by a solar module. With the panel placed on top of a sewer grate or manhole cover and enveloped by the transparent foil, the sculpture, on the one hand, uses natural resources like air or sun in order to unfold and develop and, on the other, for one poetic moment makes the potentiality of its surroundings visible.

Peter Zolly, Colors of Public Transportation, 2015
Colors of Public Transportation shows a list of all subway, streetcar and bus lines available in Vienna. The overlapping of numbers and letters results in a colorful image that illustrates our urban mobility. Not only the denizens but also visitors of the modern city increasingly have to rely on public transportation. These means of transport become sites of encounter and social contact—with all side effects, positive and negative.


INFOSCREEN displays in Vienna subway stations

Further Information

Claudia Larcher
* 1980 Bregenz (AT), lives and works in Vienna.

Peter Roehsler
lives and works in Vienna.

Laura Skocek
* 1983 Amstetten (AT), lives and works in Vienna.

Anna Watzinger
* 1981 Graz (AT), lives and works in Vienna.

Peter Zolly
* 1957 Kärnten (AT), lives and works in Vienna.



Winners 20 Seconds for Art, 2015Five winners

Time Period

July 6 to August 30, 2015


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