Wiener GehsteigsequenzenKatarina Schmidl

Wiener Gehsteigsequenzen

For the project Vienna Sidewalk Sequences, temporary repair patches on pavements across Vienna were measured using the length of a stride, transferred onto punch cards, and played back on a barrel organ. The result is a unique melody born out of each individual repair patch. Whenever the width of a patch increases, so does the density of the soundscape, as more notes are being played at the same time.

A QR code has been spray-painted on the ground at each project location. Activating the code on a smartphone brings up a video that shows a walk along the respective patch, in sync with the matching melody played by the barrel organ.

This is a temporary project: the patches will eventually make way for a large-scale restoration. Once they have disappeared, the QR codes, too, will be lost and can no longer be activated. Some of the patches will be removed in autumn of 2021, others will stay in place until the end of the year or even longer.

“… We really do need a structure so we can see we are nowhere…”
John Cage, excerpt from ‘Silence’, Lecture on Nothing, 1961

Vienna Sidewalk Sequences will be realised in six locations across Vienna in the period from May to October 2021. The first five sites can be experienced in Vienna’s 7th and 8th district from May 25. The last one can be seen in the 2nd district.


Albertgasse 35, 1080 Wien
Florianigasse 50, 1080 Wien
Lange Gasse 40, 1080 Wien
Maria-Treu-Gasse 2, 1080 Wien
Schottenfeldgasse 87 (in front of Billa), 1070 Wien
Leopoldgasse 53, Karmelitermarkt, 1020 Vienna

Further Information

Katarina Schmidl * 1973 Lienz, lives and works in Vienna.

You can listen to the sequences via this link.


Wiener GehsteigsequenzenKatarina Schmidl

Time Period

May 25, 2021 to end of 2021

The QR codes can also be found in the gallery and can be activated with a smartphone.



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