While No One Is WatchingAlex Deutinger, Alexander Gottfarb

While No One Is Watching

For four days and three nights, Alex Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb live and work in the temporary outdoor quarters of the fictitious Department of Artificial Security at Pius-Parsch Square and negotiate issues surrounding freedom, security and the protection of fundamental rights in public space.

As two fully equipped emergency police officers, the artists construct their security headquarters, a six-meter-high sculpture, whose appearance is somewhere between a watchtower and a cage, built entirely out of crowd control barriers.
From here they perform surveillance routines, patrol within a defined area in Floridsdorf, and make contact with passersby through spontaneous interventions and poetic interactions.

Alex Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb’s work reflects on political developments, historical dimensions, scopes of action and possibilities for the use of public space.

At the heart of While No One Is Watching lies the question of which effects an increasingly militarized police presence in public space has on the subjective sense of security of Viennese citizens.

Guest performance: Charlotta Ruth


Pius-Parsch-Platz 12, 1210 Vienna

Further Information

The premiere in Graz took place in 2020 and was co-produced by LA STRADA - Festival for Street Art, Puppet Theater, New Circus and Community Art with the support of the project IN SITU ACT.

"While No One Is Watching" is a production of Archipelago - Verein für Performative Künste Wien and Performanceinitiative 22 Graz.

Alex Deutinger *1976 in Salzburg (A), lives in Graz (A)
Alexander Gottfarb *1981 in Stockholm (SWE), lives in Vienna (A)


While No One Is WatchingAlex Deutinger, Alexander Gottfarb

Time Period

June 29 to July 2, 2023

U6 Floridsdorf

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