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In the context of school, Wandertage (hiking days) are days set aside to break out of the daily routine. They offer the prospect of an adventure in one's own city. Similarly, the Wandertag project invites visitors to break out of their patterns of movement, change their usual pace of being in the city, and experience art and neighborhoods in a new way.

Each Wandertag leads to a location selected by the curator Nora Mayr and the artists Julischka Stengele, Lukas Thaler, Marianne Vlaschits and Anna Witt. Whether an industrial area, the shop window of a car dealer, a house facade or a public observatory - each location offers a new approach to the artistic practice of the invited artists as well as unusual views of Vienna.

The artists differ in their choice of medium, conceptual approach and aesthetic form, however, they are unified by a conscious use of space as well as an interest in the historic, thematic and social contexts of their respective presentation sites. Each Wandertag is accompanied by its own walking route that visitors can follow either on guided tours or on their own.

Wandertag was conceived by curator Nora Mayr at a time when outdoor space suddenly became the only place for safe interactions, as well as to physically experience art. In addition to the curatorial interest in public space as a new retreat and rediscovered venue for art, Wandertag also emerges as a personal exploration project for the curator. After more than ten years of living and working in Berlin, Wandertag opened up the possibility for the curator to reconnect with her old hometown of Vienna. You are warmly invited to follow her on this journey!

1st Wandertag: JULISCHKA STENGELE - Sights - Views of Favoriten, June 10 - 13, 2021
Julischka Stengele's main interest is in artistic forms that - in one way or another - require physical presence. The relationship between the body and its environment serves as the basis for her work. Most of her projects are experience-orientated and often created at and for a specific place or situation, taking different aspects (spatial, social, political, atmospheric ...) into account.

For Wandertag, the artist creates a humorous tour through often overlooked corners of the 10th district around Schleierpark under the title "Sights - Views of Favorites". Via sneaky paths past an allotment and to brown fields in the middle of the city, Stengele leads us to jewels in her neighborhood and focuses on the experience of the audience itself. Details such as the colorful pattern in the bricks of a fire wall, exciting contrasts between the industrial park and the allotment settlement, playful uses for the arrangement of park benches form the starting point for the artist's fantastic reinterpretations, which manifest as erected information signs.

The Wandertag can also be walked independently between June 10 and 13, 2021, you can find the individual stations under this link!

2nd Wandertag: Anna Witt, July 2 and 3, 2021
For Wandertag, curated by Nora Mayr, Anna Witt brings her video work "Hautfront" to Vienna for the first time. Projected onto the façade of the housing project Frauen-Stadt-Werk I or Margarete-Schütte-Lihotzky-Hof, this Wandertag leads to the largest example of housing and urban development suitable for women in Europe.

A focus on facilitating domestic and family work, promoting neighborly contacts and a living environment in which women feel comfortable and can be out and about safely in the evenings is considered an important task of housing designed with women in mind.

"Hautfront" was created during the first lockdown in spring 2020 in a collaborative process with women of different ages from Feldbach in Styria. For this purpose, a discussion group was founded that met online to take a joint stand in a situation of general retreat into the private sphere. Subversiveness and resistance became central concepts that dealt with the effects of the pandemic and the resulting crisis for women.

In addition to the film screenings, two dialogic guided tours by cultural mediator Petra Unger, Wiener Frauen*Spaziergänge, offer an in-depth look at the history of Frauen-Werk-Stadt I.

3rd Wandertag: Lukas Thaler, August 26 - 29, 2021
Lukas Thaler is working on a new series of objects that infiltrate their surroundings, spread out like a net in the architectural setting, and enter into subtle symbioses with their exhibition site. Whether tea cups and milk jugs, lamp-like tubular structures, or sculptural seating: Thaler's objects explore functional, aesthetic, and formal potentials of various everyday objects and their materials. Interested in processes of transformation as well as the communicative abilities of various materials, Thaler's staging plays with social, personal, and poetic associations that they trigger.

The venue for the confrontation is a former transformer building, which in the future will function as a public community space in the Neu Leopoldau residential complex. The transformer building is at the center of a place in transition: between listed buildings of the former Leopoldau gasworks, new residential structures, and large-scale construction sites, Neu Leopoldau bundles diverse moods and spatial contexts. As a converted industrial site, stories of the hourly production of around 250,000 cubic meters of gas around 1911 and bombings at the end of World War II overlap here with future visions of communal coexistence.

In addition to Lukas Thaler's production in the transformer house, Wandertag offers two guided tours that provide insights into the history and surroundings of Neu Leopoldau.

Wandertag includes a walk that can be walked independently from 26 to 28 August and leads to special features in the area. You can find the individual stations under this link!

4th Wandertag: Marianne Vlaschits, September 14 - 17, 2021

The Wandertag series enters its last round with an extraordinary performance.

For Wandertag, Marianne Vlaschits presents a new series of works in the east and west domes of the Vienna University Observatory. The starting point for her multi-layered paintings are scientific illustrations from the outstanding collection of the institute's library. The artistic examination of astronomy is combined in a wonderful way with the exploration of the observatory as a scientific place and in the course of two guided tours with the observation of the starry sky.

For years, the universe has emerged as a source of inspiration in the artist's often surreal works. Openings, holes, planets, bubbles, cells, or energies - Vlaschit's paintings elude unambiguous categorizations and blur images of physicalities, shapes and patterns, and cosmic space. At the heart of her paintings is a questioning of the relationship between the human body, the cosmos, and the imagination of a state in which the two intertwine. For Wandertag, her canvases copy the shape of the window frames of the observatory domes, adding new views of the outside to the architecture.


Wandertag 1: 10th district, between Hebbelplatz and Weldengasse
Wandertag 2: Frauen-Stadt-Werk I, Stg. 1 & Stg. 2, Donaufelder Straße 99, 1210 Wien
Wandertag 3: Trafohaus, Menzelstraße 8, 1210 Vienna
4th Wandertag: east and west dome of the University Observatory, Türkenschanzstraße 17, 1180 Vienna

Further Information

Nora Mayr *1982 Vienna, lives and works in Vienna

1st Wandertag: Julischka Stengele *1982 Radolfzell am Bodensee, lives and works in Vienna

2nd Wandertag: Anna Witt * 1987 Wasserburg am Inn, lives and works in Vienna

3rd Wandertag: Lukas Thaler *1989 Hall in Tirol, lives and works in Vienna

4th Wandertag: Marianne Vlaschits * 1983 Wien, lebt und arbeitet in Wien


WandertagNora Mayr

Time Period

Juni 10 to September 17, 2021



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