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The Garage Grande is a vacant parking deck in Ottakring that owes its name to a large-scale participatory cultural and neighborhood program of the Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung (GB*) around the topic of "urban climate and urban greening". From 2020 to 2022, the service facility of the City of Vienna, together with a wide variety of people and initiatives, is coordinating an extensive interim use and occupation of the former parking garage with ideas for a "livable neighborhood".

In the last six months before the demolition of the parking garage, David Reumüller covers the entire outer skin of the building with a graphic drawing, creating a picture puzzle between real and virtual spatial landscapes. The interdisciplinary artist first covers the building with fabric, photographs it, and then generates it on the computer to create a spatial net structure, which is finally applied to the walls by hand with the help of a projection. The net structure, which shifts rhythmically between dissolution and new formation, transforms the garage into a sculptural object that is inscribed with the conditions of changing time and perspective. Then, in summer, when newly placed plants tend to grow up the walls, another level of reality emerges. "Thus, just before demolition, of all things, the relationship between becoming and passing, emergence and disappearance, memory and visions of the future is clearly and publicly brought to consciousness, reflected upon anew, and discussed." (Elisabeth Fiedler)


Garage Grande, Deinhardsteingasse 12-14 / Ecke Abelegasse, 1160 Wien

Further Information

David Reumüller, * 1979 in Gaal, lives in Graz and Vienna.


UNTITLEDDavid Reumüller

Time Period

May 31, 2022 to end of 2024

Tram 46, Thaliastraße/Haberlgasse

In cooperation with the 16th district of Vienna and the Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung (GB*)

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