thishousebylinesDaniel Aschwanden and Barbara Eichhorn


Under the title "thishousebylines", performer, choreographer and urban practitioner Daniel Aschwanden, visual artist Barbara Eichhorn and social designer Joanna Zabielska will be realizing a series of new projects from August 14 to September 6 in front of the Baugrupppen-Haus "Grätzelmixer" in the new Sonnwendviertel, in three parks and at a subway station in Vienna Favoriten a multidimensional, urban art project: At five locations in the 10th district a performative art installation of up to 200 m² in size and 3 meters in hight will be created from recycled building materials from the surrounding area. The temporary space sculptures function as three-dimensional drawing surfaces and are used or "performatively drawn on" by the artists themselves and - in the context of workshops - by an interested audience. This means: drawing (on freely chosen themes), but the artistic-creative act of drawing, one of the most immediate, analogous forms of artistic expression, is consciously declared a whole-body action or performance. The dance inspires the drawing and the drawn is interpreted as notation and score for movement.

In the "Pop up Solarcafé" of the artist Irene Lucas, an additional culinary and thus social level is offered with joint cooking events, food, drink and conversations that focus on new urban ecologies.

After the interventions in the district and the return of the installation "thishousebylines" to the forecourt of the art space toZOMIA, phase 2 of the project begins. Together with the residents, especially the children of the house Grätzelmixer and interested neighbors, the further use of the wood already recycled from construction sites in the area and the future design of the forecourt will be decided. In several workshops, also extended by new materials, this opinion-forming process takes place and will be implemented until the beginning of 2021.

Motivation & Goals
The aim is to use artistic-performative means to investigate the significance of personal contact and exchange in times of increasing digitalisation - a topic that is highly relevant against the background of the distancing requirements imposed by Corona. In addition, the phenomenon of smart, economized architectural complexes with increasingly less open spaces will be explored and encouraged to exchange and network among the residents of the old and new quarters in Favoriten.

The temporary installations invite you to linger, ask questions, reflect and participate. They enable artistic ways of acting and thinking as well as sensual acting. They address residents, neighbours and passers-by on site as well as an interested art audience.


Bloch-Bauer Promenade 28, 1100 Wien
Wielandpark, 1100 Wien
Arthaberpark, 1100 Wien
Helmut-Zilk-Park Süd, 1100 Wien
Troststraße, 1100 Wien

Further Information

Daniel Aschwanden *1959, living and working in Vienna

Barbara Eichhorn *1965 in Freising (DE), living and working in Vienna

Joanna Zabielska *1989, living and working in Vienna


You can find a video of the performance via this link.


thishousebylinesDaniel Aschwanden and Barbara Eichhorn

Time Period

August 14, 2020 to January 31, 2021



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