BIRD WATCH play:vienna


Unfortunately, the dates in July had to be cancelled, the dates in autumn have been extended. Cancellations and replacement dates in case of bad weather can be found at no later than 4pm the day before.

BIRD WATCH is a playful audio walk in search of birds in the cityscape. Players are transported into the year 2049 and, following the traces of amateur ornithologist Selma, immerse themselves in the future to get an experience of the Vienna of tomorrow: What will have changed, and what will the city be looking like in a little less than 30 years from now? Using Selma’s notes and thoughts, players help chart the world of birds in Floridsdorf and make an important contribution to environmental protection. In a field lab on Pius-Barsch-Platz, participants are introduced to the world of the game before setting out on a journey of Floridsdorf. A project by play:vienna, Austria’s first initiative for playful art in the public space, which has regularly made a playground of Vienna since 2021.


Starting point: Pius-Parsch-Platz, 1210 Vienna

Further Information

Clara Hirschmanner, b. 1992 in Linz (A), and Philipp Ehmann, b. 1987 in Linz (A), live in Vienna.

Artistic Directors: Clara Hirschmanner und Philipp Ehmann

Project Management: Verena Strasser

Sound Design: Abby Lee Tee

Set and Equipment: Kollektiv Bloks – Sophie und Valerie Lenglachner

Illustrations: Malte Terrasse

Production Assistant: Ines Kaiser Technischer

Technical Consultant: Alexander Sulz

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