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TheSystemCollective is a syndicate of independent artists, makers, programmers, engineers, philosophers, activists, and scientists, collectively using art and technology to transform our world. The collective believes in a literal definition of “open source”, and converts public spaces into a museum, ready for artists to freely position their art.

The method is an intermixture of universes, physical, virtual and imaginary.

’We don’t need space, time is irrelevant, objects stay as useful as the user.'

TheSystem is a time space continuum made manifest, using technology to make gps-anchored art accessible to everyone, both at home and abroad.

Phase.1 - Source Yppenplatz 5 // August and September 2020

In August and September of 2020, Phase.1 of TheSystem manifested itself on the Yppenplatz in Vienna, Austria.
20 artists, representing 5 collectives (Sandkasten Syndikat, Villa Schapira, Zirkus Mops, Setzkasten, Dachsbau) performed and/or exhibited in those two months.
The artists showed paintings, multimedia installations, sculptures, audio-visual concepts, and performances.

Phase.2 - Manifested time-location system

"We don't need space, time is irrelevant, objects stay as useful as the user."

On November 24, 2020, the age of art will be written in the fourth dimension. Vienna's public space will be transformed into a museum independent of time and place through the use of augmented reality technology.

Anyone with a smartphone or computer can visit the museum. Admission is granted by directly accessing

For the time being, virtual sculptures/artefacts of nine artistic positions of the exhibition series "TheSystem - Phase 1" will be shown, which took place during the summer months of August and September at Yppenplatz in Vienna.

In the opening phase, all works of art will be accessible via Augmented Reality anywhere in Vienna until the end of January. After that, the works will then manifest themselves virtually at fixed, work-specific locations chosen by the artists and thus become a permanent part of Vienna's urban culture.

Concept: Litto


Yppenplatz 5, 1160 Wien

Further Information

You can find videos of the Performances at or via this Youtube-Link.

The map for the AR artworks is available here:

Litto *1984, living and working in Vienna

Participatin Art Collectives:

Dachsbau bei das Werk: Dagmar Rohm, Stefan Stürzer

Sandkasten Syndikat: elet, Stephanie Krawinkler, Markus Liszt

Setzkasten Wien: Stefan Voglsinger, Maria Koller, Guillermo Tellechea, Patrick K.-H. / Anton Iakhontov

Villa Schapira: Litto / Daniela Weiss, WARBLAYDR / Jay Vaughan, Noemi Kiss, Heinz Seidenbusch

Zirkus Mops: Adam Lebesmühlbacher, Selina Nowak, Alexander Nowak, Luka Vidak


The SystemLitto

Time Period

August 11, 2020 to February 1, 2021

U6 Josefstädter Straße

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