Sound of KaraokeThe "Sound of Music"-Karaoke Day on Maria-Trapp-Platz in Vienna

Sound of Karaoke

Sound of Music is considered one of the most commercially successful music films of all time, making it a global phenomenon. The plot is based on Maria Augusta von Trapp's life story.

Since there is no reference to Maria Augusta von Trapp on Maria-Trapp-Platz in Seestadt Aspern, Sophie Bösker, Ana Mumladze Detering and Fabian Ritzi, alumni of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, invite to a Sound of Music-Karaoke Day: By "re-enacting" the world-famous songs together and exchanging stories, an intercultural togetherness is to be created. The artists' interest lies in the clichés and myths represented in the film about life in the "Alpine Republic of Austria". In doing so, they explore the question of how shown kitsch corresponds with the experienced reality in Austria.

Maria Augusta von Trapp became famous in the 1930s with her family choir, first in Austria and then worldwide after emigrating to the United States before World War II. As the Trapp Family Singers, they toured internationally, including South America and Australia. After World War II, she founded an aid program for Austrians and recorded her memoirs in a book in 1952, which gained wide popularity first as a stage musical and then as a Hollywood film in 1965.

Bösker, Mumladze Detering and Ritzi confront the complex myth of the film. With the Sound of Music-Karaoke Day, they want to make its global impact tangible on an emotional level and encourage people in Austria to engage in a communicative debate.


Maria-Trapp-Platz 2, 1220 Vienna

Further Information

Sophie Bösker *1990 in Kempten (D), lives in Vienna (A)
Ana Mumladze Detering *1995 in Kashuri (GEO), lives in Vienna (A)
Fabian Ritzi *1993 in Meiringen (CH), lives in Vienna (A)


Sound of KaraokeThe "Sound of Music"-Karaoke Day on Maria-Trapp-Platz in Vienna

Time Period

on October 7, 2023

U2 Seestadt

In cooperation with the University of applied Arts Vienna (department Social Design-Arts as Urban Innovation).

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