SilverpieceFormat 60+


Silverpiece is a street art workshop for everyone over 60. With the support of local artists*, the youth domain of graffiti practice is conquered and together opinions on age-based occupations are protested. At the same time effective as a performative intervention in public space, this workshop strengthens the courage and the desire to actively participate in urban events even at an older age.

The 3-day confrontation with street art from October 8 to 10 is seen as the starting signal for further interventions in public space. The result of the three-day workshop in which participants* from the 60+ generation will work together on street art will be on display afterwards.Silverpiece will ideally develop into an open group that participates in urban design with various artistic means and thus radiates a new attitude towards life.


Vorgartenmarkt, 1020 Wien

Further Information

FORMAT60+ is the open studio of the Pensioners Clubs for the City of Vienna. It is a space for artistic education and free experimentation that focuses on the perspective of older people.

Project management:
Marlene Bettel, born 1983 in Wiener Neustadt, lives and works in Vienna
Markus Gebhardt, 1990 born in Regensburg, lives and works in Vienna

Artistic Direction:
Bernd Püribauer, born 1934 in the Ukraine, lives and works in the rainforest
Theresa Hattinger, born 1989 in Salzburg, lives and works in Vienna

Shirin Omran, 1994 born in Vienna, curious and confused all over the world
Sebastian Kraner, born 1990 in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna


SilverpieceFormat 60+

Time Period

October 8, 2020 to March 31, 2022

U1 Vorgartenstraße



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