Psalm 23Dvora Barzilai

Psalm 23

In memory of Leo Luster, who was a board member of the Central Committee of Jews from Austria in Israel and the Association of Retired Persons from Austria in Israel and was committed to Austrian Holocaust survivors. He was also the initiator of the memorial to the deportations from the Aspang railway station.

Our friend Leo Luster was deported, together with many other Jews, with his family, by train, from Aspern to Theresienstadt and from there to Auschwitz. There his father was murdered and he returned with his mother and started a family.

Leo fought for the rights of Austrian Jews and was a part of the memorial project. He very much wanted Psalm 23 to appear on this plaque as the main thought. In this Psalm, King David turns to the Eternal: "in spite of all difficulties", "You are my shepherd", "and even though I walk in the shadow of death", "I will not fear for You are with me", "and give me shelter and food".

Leo dreamed that these words from the Psalm will be a part of memory, because he saw in them a hope. To my great regret, Leo left us before he could experience his dream. That is why I cast this psalm in aluminum, in the Hebrew language (the language of the Bible). For this reason, I feel that I have fulfilled his testamentary wish, and wish that this terrible event never happens again.
Text: Dvora Barzilai


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Dvora Barzilai * 1961 Tel Aviv (IL), lives and works in Tel Aviv and Vienna.


Psalm 23Dvora Barzilai

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Since June 28, 2021

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