passing /​ stationHannes Schöggl, Andrej Štepita, Miriam Budzáková

passing /​ station

passing / station is an interdisciplinary performance of contemporary dance and music conceived for a constantly transforming and heterogeneous audience in a train station hall. In their dance duet, Andrej Stepita and Miriam Budzakova address various facets of living together in a world characterized by diversity and the barriers it creates. The Viennese musician Hannes Schöggl plays minimalist music for marimba and percussion composed especially for the performance.

The main purpose of passing / station is to point out the artificial inequalities between people caused by various factors. This means that social, generational, ethnic, ideological, cultural or religious differences directly affect interpersonal relationships and the way of communication. This automatically creates prejudice and conflict situations. However, the equal value of each person is most clearly shown in the physical form of our human body, our physiological laws and needs. We want to express these aspects with this dance duet.

Why at the station?
We decided to create the performance for a train station space, because people from a wide range of social classes gather there, creating the greatest contrast between the people viewing it. We want to reach people from a wide range of social groups who are not regular viewers of artistic performances and confront people with contemporary art that they do not encounter in their everyday lives.


#1: Vienna Meidling station, station concourse, near ÖBB Reisezentrum, 1120 Vienna
#2: Westbahnhof, entrance hall, first floor, 1150 Vienna

Further Information

Hannes Schöggl * 1993 Langenwang (AT), lives and works in Vienna; marimba, percussion, composition

Andrej Štepita * 1994 Namestovo (SK), lives and works in Prague and Bratislava; dance, choreography

Miriam Budzáková * 1997 Zilina (SK), lives and works in Salzburg; dance, choroegraphy


passing /​ stationHannes Schöggl, Andrej Štepita, Miriam Budzáková

Time Period

June 25 to 26, 2021

In cooperation with the City of Vienna and ÖBB.

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