Notgalerie 2020Reinhold Zisser

Notgalerie 2020

Through a series of actions and activities, the Notgalerie has been able to position itself over the last few years, since its foundation in 2015, as an alternative strategy to institutionalized art practice. In fulfilling this task, it will appear as an independent, space-consuming institution in the summer of 2020. In order to fulfil this task, it will enter into the process of dissolving the material institution and its pauvre materials.

In the course of the dissolution, its individual parts will be scattered in all directions in a joint act. During the dismantling process, all the components of the Notgalerie will be numbered, catalogued and, in the course of the summer, entrusted to people who agree to take over the storage for a period of up to five years - and, if necessary, to take them to the place where the NOtgalerie will manifest itself again. Individual parts can be taken over without prior notice. For larger parts and bundles, please contact or 0650/6554505 in advance.

It is not the artists and all other actors who should be turned towards the institution and see the fulfilment of their work in reaching the institution. The actors themselves are the institution and home. Freely adapted from Immendorf - "I will not tolerate that you leave me alone" - the emergency gallery is dismantled for the last time and its parts are entrusted to the artists, actors and places. In this way a new institutional body is being built, which follows a completely different direction of flow.

The presented concept will be performed over the period July to September. The implementation is at the same time a space for the further development of its content as a platform for art and cultural workers. The constant presence required for the dismantling of the institution will enable daily opening hours and thus the basis for a constantly developing activity in cooperation with other artists.

Open Call: In the course of dismantling the emergency gallery, artists are invited to submit proposals for interventions that interact with the dismantling process. Further information can be found at


Urban Field/Seestadt Aspern, 1220 Vienna

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