MUME 2021Oscar Cueto

MUME 2021

MUME is a nomadic anti-museum by artist Oscar Cueto that seeks to create alternative narratives in the decolonial and global migration context and to present collaborative projects between international curators and artists in Austria.

#3: MXTX, September 25 to 26, 2021 (September 24 is cancelled)

MXTX is an interactive performance in public space that deals with encountering the unknown and overcoming fears.
In a mobile, vitrine-like spatial structure positioned near the Weltmuseum, a performer interprets "gestures of defense" - in a hybrid costume reminiscent of Tyrolean Spiegeltuxers as well as Mexican feather crowns. These gestures are provided to her by passers-by, but also digitally, and she translates them into possible movement patterns of ritualized interaction.

#2: Ling's Golden Imperial Shop, September 1 and 2, 2021, 3 to 9 p.m.
Ling's Golden Imperial Shop is a pop-up store - a stopover for food and supplies and a space for socializing and gathering. This traces a genealogy of the elements that make up Mai Ling - as collective bodies and identities - and questions the exhibition and its politics. The store offers a mix of objects, music, and narratives that address issues of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and diaspora, as well as the politics of body (re)presentation, self-identification, self-stigmatization, and the performativity of the "Asian figure."

#1: Radio Epicentro, June 16, 2021.
For this edition, MUME has invited Radio Epicentro, a project by Austrian-Mexican artist Doris Steinbichler. Radio Epicentro is the extension of the Mexican artist gallery Epicentro (2000-2005) into the real space of Vienna and simultaneously into the global virtual one. Radio Epicentro is a free space that links and renegotiates language, sound, relationships and situations; as social interaction, as poetic intervention, as political utopia, as performative act. Radio Epicentro is an open microphone and a chair that can be occupied.

The host/artist and her team will broadcast from three different locations in Vienna on Wednesday, June 16, 2021. The show features a mix of live broadcasts, recordings, music, live international collaborations and audience interactions.

You can listen to Radio Epicentro via this link.

#3: tba, September 2021


1. Station Epicentro: Yppenplatz, corner Brunnengasse / Payergasse, 1160 Vienna
2. Station Epicentro: courtyard of the Museumsquartier, 1070 Vienna
3. Station Epicentro: Hermannpark (close to Schwedenplatz), 1030 Vienna
Ling's Golden Imperial Shop: Naschmarkt, Wienzeile (close to the U4 station Kettenbrückengasse and the Market Office/Marktamt), 1060 Vienna
MXTX: Burgring (between pedestrian and bicycle path at the level of the Weltmuseum), 1010 Vienna

Further Information

Concept: Oscar Cueto *1976 in Mexico City, lives and works in Vienna

Guest artist: Doris Steinbichler * 1965 Vienna, lives and works in Austria and Mexico
You can find a video of the project on Youtube.

Ling's Golden Imperial Shop:
Guest artists: Mai Ling, art collective, founded 2019, works in Vienna

Guest artists: Alpine Gothic is a collective of artists founded in Salzburg in 2009, dealing with themes such as alpine herding, edelweiss, "Höhenrausch" (high-altitude euphoria) and alpenglow.


MUME 2021Oscar Cueto

Time Period

Juni 16 to September 26, 2021



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Radio Epicentro
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