Hair, Stones and VoicesShahrzad Nazarpour

Hair, Stones and Voices

Shahrzad Nazarpour has been developing the performance series "Hair, Stone and Voices" in an ongoing process since 2020. In it, she addresses and develops manifestations of freedom in the form of collective and individual resistance. In May, July and August, the artist will perform in three different public spaces in Vienna – the Art Box in Museumsquartier; Stand 129, Viktor-Adler-Markt 129 and Kubus EXPORT on Hernalser Gürtel.

In the performances, the artist's hair becomes a medium. Shahrzad Nazarpour uses it as a symbol of resistance, solidarity and political statement. Her focus is on the emancipation, acceptance and equality of FLINTA* people in Iran and Afghanistan, who risk their lives every day for justice, as she says. "In this context and in this debate, every part of these people's bodies takes on a political meaning," says the artist.

In her work, Shahrzad Nazarpour combines theater, dance and performance to confront discrimination, colonialism and revolutionary forms of existence. With the performance "Hair, Stones and Voices", she not only calls for solidarity with FLINTA* in the Middle East, but also reminds us of the global fight for freedom: "Freedom is a daily practice."


Stand 129, Viktor-Adler-Markt 129, 1100 Wien

Further Information

FLINTA* stands for women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, transgender and agender people, i.e. people who are discriminated against because of their gender identity. The asterisk serves as a placeholder for people who do not fit into any of the letters, but are nevertheless affected by marginalization due to their gender identity.

Concept and Performance: Shahrzad Nazarpour
Graphic Design: Vanja Lazić
Production Manager: Iva Marković
Video Documentation: Osama Rasheed


Hair, Stones and VoicesShahrzad Nazarpour

Time Period

May 23-25, 2024 / July 11-13, 2024 / August, 8-10,2024

U3 Volkstheater

In cooperation with MuseumsQuartier and Stand 129. The event at Kubus EXPORT is being held with the kind permission of Frauenservice Wien (MA 57).

Upcoming date

Performance Thursday, July 11, 2024 / from 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM

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