Sounds like ... VIENNAJulia Bünnagel

Sounds like ... VIENNA

SOUNDS LIKE . . . VIENNA is the title of two sound performances by Julia Bünnagel for Vienna’s public space. While the first event takes place on Sonnwendplatz, the second performance, during which the LP will be presented, is scheduled to be staged on Praterstern. Live, the artist mixes an architectural soundtrack for Vienna on turntables with concrete records she produced. The cast textures of public spaces inscribed in the records merge with the sounds of the city.

Street surfaces were molded and cast into concrete records. This resulted in record objects that have no grooves but textures that are read off by the needle of the tonearm. The surfaces of these records produce specific noises and are mixed to create driving rhythmic soundscapes. The compressed sound of noises blends in with the background noise of the city and floods the square. The DJane set becomes an urban sound sculpture, an architecture rave.

The vinyl LP is a documentation of Julia Bünnagel's art performance in Vienna's public space. The first sound performance took place on September 28, 2019 at Sonnwendplatz, 1100 Vienna, the second on August 22, 2020 at the Praterstern, 1020 Vienna. The street surfaces to be heard are specific to Vienna and differ from other cities. They are places that Vienna's inhabitants* experience daily, which Julia Bünnagel makes audible in an unusual way. A new, unknown audio image of everyday urban space is created. SOUNDS LIKE ... . VIENNA


Sonnwendplatz, Favoritenstraße 76, 1100 Vienna
Praterstern (between train station and Fluc), 1020 Vienna

Further Information

Julia Bünnagel is a sculptor, sound performance and installation artist. Her turntablism performances confront us with textural compositions that develop from microscopically small soundscapes into dense and expansive noise and beats, fathoming the relationship between music, sound, and sculpture.

You can listen to a piece of the performance from September 28th, 2019 HERE.

A piece of the performance from August 22nd, 2020, is available to wath HERE.

The vinyl LP is released with the second performance at Praterstern on August 22nd, 2020, 8 p.m. (Label Gruenrekorder).

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Sounds like ... VIENNAJulia Bünnagel

Time Period

28.09.2019 and 22.08.2020

U1 & U2, Praterstern



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