Zeichen der ZeitAudioguide for Public Art in Vienna from 1934 until 1945

Zeichen der Zeit

Vienna is known for its magnificent historic buildings. Each tells the story of its time and its political structure: Thus, the internationally acclaimed communal buildings of Red Vienna (1919-1934) and their ornate artistic decorations stood under the sign of a social and cultural reform program. And so the regime of Austrofascism from 1934 and National Socialism from 1938 tried to make the socialist utopia forgotten with new representative buildings modeled on fascist Italy and National Socialist Germany.

The artistic decoration of the buildings was an expression of the new political self-image (from 1934 to 1945) basing itself on a politically strict iconographic program and formal language. The new audio guide of the Verein Reumannplatz makes background knowledge on 39 artistic works from this period publicly accessible. It makes it possible to explore the architecture and its art individually and to learn to read the signs of the times. "The fact that political art is not an end in itself, but wants to convey a certain ideology, especially one from an unacceptable political period, should not go uncommented." (Thomas Kreuz)

Evelyn Steinthaler did the research and wrote the texts. The individual stations are marked on a folding map and the audio pieces are summarized on a separate website. By the means of the map, the stations can be walked along and the audio files can be listened to with one's own cell phone via QR codes (on the maps).

The plan will be available throughout the next two years in Viennese official buildings, public libraries, hotels and various museums, such as the Main Library of the University of Vienna, the Academy of Fine Arts, MQ Cafeteria, the Theater Museum, the Jewish Museum Vienna, Metro Kinokulturhaus, MAK Vienna, Hotel Motto, Cafe 7Stern and the Magistrate's Office for the 6th and 7th districts. During this time, they will also be available free of charge directly at Verein Reumannplatz (Hermanngasse 13, 1070 Vienna). The audio guide is also available on the website.


Bezirksmuseum Neubau (in Amerlinghaus)

Further Information

idea/concept: Thomas Kreuz
text: Evelyn Steinthaler
illustration: Stoyan Dobrev
graphic design: Irene Rick

  • German: Catharina Ballan
  • English: Jesse Inman

Zeichen der ZeitAudioguide for Public Art in Vienna from 1934 until 1945

Time Period

April 13, 2023 until February 2025

U3 Neubaugasse // U2 Museumsquartier

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