WirWasserJubilee Fountain from GELATIN


For the 150th anniversary of the I. Wiener Hochquellenleitung, GELATIN designed a fountain for Wiener Wasser that transports the vitality and joy of baroque fountain installations into the present and sets a sign for responsibility and community. With their design, the artists won the artistic competition organized by the City of Vienna - Wiener Wasser in cooperation with KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien.

WirWasser is a fountain sculpture - fountain and sculpture in one. The fountain basin is formed by a circle of figures, in the center of which a fountain - illuminated daily with a different color - shoots up into the air. The shape of the fountain and the spout allude to the high beam fountain on Schwarzenbergplatz. With its ceremonial opening, the I. Wiener Hochquellenleitung went into operation on October 24, 1873. It was the beginning of the modern water supply of the city. Since then, the high spring water has been a symbol of Vienna's lasting liberation from water shortages and the danger of epidemics.

GELATIN's fountain figures, which in their various manifestations - up to abstraction - stand for diversity, are people and beings at the same time. These joyfully water-protecting and thus life-protecting "human beings," playfully nestling together and lustfully stretching out in their city, have obviously made a pact to stick together, to preserve and to protect. They provide an opportunity for contemplation or a pause for sitting down, and as a group they (mis)lead us into an everyday life full of lightness, playfulness and imagination. At the same time, the figures point to society's responsibility for the vital resource of water. Body to body, they form a unit that holds the fountain water together in the basin and reminds us that it is up to all of us to value and protect water.


Helmut-Zilk-Park, Gudrunstraße/ Sonnwendgasse, 1100 Vienna

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GELATIN has been working together since 1993.



WirWasserJubilee Fountain from GELATIN

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Since October 24, 2023

U1 Keplerplatz / 14A Wielandplatz

The artistic competition was organized by the City of Vienna - Wiener Wasser in cooperation with KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien.

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