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In Floridsdorf, urban space meets water space. In a city that is heating up, open and public bodies of water are free oases of cooling as well as important sites of social interaction. In a three-part participative art project on “Bathing Culture in Flodo”, Hybrid Dessous set out to explore from a base on Pius- Parsch-Platz the relationship that Floridsdorf residents have to Danube River, as well as their views on bodies of water in general.

The textile artists and social designers put up a bathing island right in the middle of the square. Together with Floridsdorf denizens, they collect stories and ideas relating to the issue of bathing culture. These pieces of information are then translated especially for this site into a hybrid swimwear collection suited both for urban everyday life and to go bathing, which playfully references societal dress codes and habits. The fashion items are intended to function as thermometers (indicating weather and climate), as a social mirror, and an indicator of closeness to water and bathing places. In a closing performance, the performers modeling them carry water from the Danube riverside to Pius-Parsch- Platz, establishing a fluid connection between the city and the river.

“Is bathing in the waters of the Danube still part of everyday life of Floridsdorf residents? How has their relationship to those bodies of water changed over time and what does the future of bathing culture in Floridsdorf look like? What stories do the locals have to tell about bathing?” These are the questions that Hybrid Dessous sets out to explore.


Pius-Parsch-Platz and Danube, 1210 Vienna

Further Information

Hybrid Dessous (Marlene Hübner, in 1993 in Erlangen (D), Amelie Schlemmer, b. 1992 in Erlangen (D), live in Vienna) in collaboration with: Susanne Mariacher (social designer, artist), Simone Körner (tailor, photographer, performance artist) & Joanna Zabielska (social designer, artist)

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WASSER TRAGEN Hybrid Dessous

Time Period

May 28 to July 23, 2022

S1, S2, S3, U6, Floridsdorf

kind support of: VHS Floridsdorf, MA 45 – Water Management

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