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For centuries, floodplains have been cleared for land use or building development. If humans had not interfered about 200 years ago, much of Floridsdorf would still be bottom land today.

Katarina Schmidl occupied two parking lots in different sites in Floridsdorf with temporary plant oases. In two pavilionstyle wooden constructions, we find trees, brushes, reeds and grasses that would still be growing in the inundation areas of Floridsdorf today if the Danube River had not been regulated and the area drained to make room for settlement.

The work title is a direct quotation of the title of a speech given by U.S. writer David Foster Wallace to the Kenyon College graduation class of 2005, in which he starts out with a fable about two fish to speak about the development of critical awareness as a basis of self-empowered independent thinking.


Brünner Straße 6-8, 1210 Vienna
Schleifgasse 1, 1210 Vienna (until Nov. 15, 2022)

Further Information

Katarina Schmidl, b. 1973 in Lienz, lives in Vienna.

Planting: Gartengestaltung Steurer

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THIS HERE IS WATERKatarina Schmidl

Time Period

April 4, 2022 until November, 2023

S1, S2, S3, U6, Floridsdorf

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