The Great VibrationMoussa Kone

The Great Vibration

The artwork The Great Vibration by Moussa Kone connects the current spatial situation with the historical layers of the place as well as with the communal life in the residential building "Schöne Aussichten" in a new quarter of the city, the Sonnwendviertel.

With his work, the artist brings to the surface what is happening underground. The focus lies on the sewage canal flowing under the passageway, whose history of origin goes back to the cholera epidemic rampant in Vienna in the 19th century. Vibrions, as this class of bacteria is called, flicker as a painted, abstract ceiling pattern in flowing movements from one wall to another, echoing the wavy movement of the water underground. Two figures dispose of waste into a channel on the ceiling that leads to a ventilation grate resembling a drain. A brick pattern is found on the frieze, its implied mending by mortar and lime deposits citing the nature of the Favoritner collection canal below. Markings on the floor, based on the cross-section of the historic canal vault, draw the eye downward.

The memory of history is thus linked to the future looking back at the current pandemic. At the same time, the work calls to mind the ever-present importance of urban infrastructures that not infrequently remain hidden, yet so reliably enable smooth daily life. Moussa Kone's design remains light and almost playful and becomes an identity-forming element of the housing complex, providing an inviting orientation for residents, neighbors as well as visitors and observers, while at the same time pointing to an interesting and important history.

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Passageway of the residential complex "Schöne Aussichten" (Sonnwendviertel Ost), Maria Lassnig Straße 38-40, 1100 Vienna

Further Information

Moussa Kone * 1978 Scheibbs (AT), lives and works in Vienna



The Great VibrationMoussa Kone

Time Period

Since Mai 12, 2022

Tram 6, 11 and D, Absberggasse

A project in cooperation with EBG Gemeinnützige Ein- und Mehrfamilienhaus Baugenossenschaft reg. Gen.m.b.H.



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