Tête-à-Tête. Bewegungs-/​Aktions-/​Interventionsradius PratersternAkademie der bildenden Künste Wien (Judith Huemer und Ursula Maria Probst)

Tête-à-Tête. Bewegungs-/​Aktions-/​Interventionsradius Praterstern

Art is essential for our society. Through the artistic projects of Tête-à-Tête, a new socially relevant impulse is set at Praterstern. As an example, the project is intended to show that places of art and creativity are also needed in transit zones in order to make the soul of the city present in contrast to the commercial (interchangeable) events in railroad station shopping centers. We do not realize art in the sense of taking over a function - here the city government has to become adequately active - rather we want to initiate a "parallel world" that irritates, amazes, interests, with the intention that this could lead to a coexistence. It is important to perceive the site-specific, historical and social development, to get involved with it.

As the start of the one-year project Tête-à-Tête, a ritual recasting of the Praterstern into a glittering star was carried out as part of the 2018 Academy Tour with the performative installation Prozess/on by Cosima Roth, Evi Jängle and Daphne von Schrader. In the form of a procession, which ran from the sculpture studios in Kurzbauergasse 9, 1020 Vienna to the Praterstern, texts were read out via megaphone in a manifesto-like manner. Outfits specially produced by the students were also offered to passers-by and invited them to participate. The festive invitation to a ceremonial procession ended on the Praterstern, where the parade celebrated a glittering ritualized rebirth of the Praterstern with the participation of everyone.

"The processual Prozess/on to the Praterstern had been dedicated to a figurative hustle and bustle, whose combatants in ritualized orbits following corresponding rules corresponded to a solemn procession, in order to sanctify the fun beyond conceptual over-meaning. The parade contained a theophoric relic, whose origin seemed undetermined, but which gave the participants a special kind of gift. The sacredness of Prozess/on was to process itself to the sacramental interpretation, so that the interpretation was up to each individual and could only be prophesied in dreams". (Evi Jängle)

The music and choreography of Elli Brandauer's live performance NOTHING LAST'S FOREVER dealt with social studies of the state of mind. The audience experienced a dynamic of hypnotic effect through sound and body performances.

"In the course of the project planning for Tête-à-Tête, the idea was born to use the Praterstern as a place for a performance as part of the 2018 Academy Tour. This place is highly frequented every day, people cross it, people work here, people come and go. All the more interesting to place oneself directly in the middle and wait for the reactions. During the conception of the performance, the question was raised as to which themes are currently preoccupying the generation of the "Millennials": fast life, insecurity, superficiality, interchangeability, automation, loneliness, powerlessness, movement, fear, uncertainty, distance, transience and the homogenization of society. The performance was not intended to offer a solution, but to take distance between audience and performers. It should show how the young generation, the subculture of today, often feels. Which problems and thoughts they are confronted with. The human body and the actions that are carried out during the performance establish the connection to the above-mentioned themes." (Elli Brandauer)


Praterstern, 1020 Wien

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Participating Artists:

Lea Abendstein, Josephine Baltzersen, Florian Botka, Elli Brandauer, Jakob Ehrlich, Lettice Gatacre, Bob Hausmann, Evi Jägle, Ömer Kaplan, Max Landegren, Maitane Midby, Philipp Moritz, Alexander Nefedyev,Liina Pääsuke, Sifrun Una Reykljavik, Cosima Roth, Duha Samir, Olga Steiner, Miguel Teodoro, Aurelia van Kempen, Nina Vobruba, Daphne von Schrader, Patrick Winkler, Youngjoo Yoo

Tête-à-Tête is a cooperative project of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Department of Art with Extended Painterly Space Action/Sculpture/Installation in Public Space under the direction of Judith Huemer and Ursula Maria Probst.


Tête-à-Tête. Bewegungs-/​Aktions-/​Interventionsradius PratersternAkademie der bildenden Künste Wien (Judith Huemer und Ursula Maria Probst)

Time Period

January 2018 to January 2020

U1 und U2 Praterstern

Interventions at the Praterstern



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