STREAMERS – a COVID SculptureBenoît Maubrey


An interactive Speaker Sculpture in the shape of a Pestsäule

The soundscape we inhabit is the product of an interactive relationship between individuals and the acoustic environment.

With the almost seven-metre-tall interactive sound sculpture STREAMERS — a COVID Sculpture, which quotes the architecture of the famous Viennese plague column from 1679, the American new media and performance artist Benoît Maubrey has created an iconographic work that names the current crisis in its title. This, however, not just for its own sake. His contemporary version of a plague column made of recycled electronics, IT-capable and accessible around the clock, encourages conscious reflection on the pandemic. At the same time Maubrey's STREAMERS opens up a space for communication, thought, encounter, commemoration and performance for everybody — all over the world. It is a memorial to our participation in the current ongoing global crisis.

Translation: Jonathan Quinn


In front of the WKO building, Str. der Wiener Wirtschaft 1, 1020 Vienna

Further Information

Benoît Maubrey * 1952 Washington (USA), lives and works in Baitz (Brandenburg) and Berlin (DE)

How to use STREAMERS:
call the sculpture … express yourself … send tweets … connect via bluetooth … look at the livestream … listen to white noise … bring your own mike … plug'n play
+43 676 4319040

+43 676 4319050

Permanent Livestream here:


STREAMERS – a COVID SculptureBenoît Maubrey

Time Period

Januar 28 to Mai 1, 2022

U1, U2, S-Bahnen 1, 2, 3 Praterstern

STREAMERS - a COVID Sculpture is sponsored by KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien and the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport.
In cooperation with TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien im Museumsquartier and Brandenburgischer Verein Neue Musik, Potsdam and with the kind support of Wirtschaftskammer Wien (WKO) and

Building contractor: Georg Weckwerth, TONSPUR Kunstverein Vienna, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
Construction supervisor: Imad Awwad, K2 Dach- und Bau GmbH, 2100 Leobendorf NÖ
Trades: FUSS HOLZBAU, 1220 Vienna | STAHL UND FORM, 1030 Vienna | HANS LOHR, 1230 Vienna



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