Notgalerie-Kunstland NordReinhold Zisser

Notgalerie-Kunstland Nord

The project Kunstland Nord, conceived by Reinhold Zisser, covers an area of 50 hectares in the Seestadt Aspern. Here the body of the Notgalerie is transformed and becomes a representative for the institutional representation of art and culture on the outskirts of the city. Kunstland Nord as a decal between cultural amusement park and construction site dystopia. In collaboration with national and international artists, the project will be realized in the period from May to September 2019.

The Notgalerie was originally built in 1947 as an emergency church in Döbling and was then moved to the Donaustadt in 1969. In the years 2000-2015 it stood abandoned until Reinhold Zisser found the church barracks, occupied it and transformed it into an emergency gallery. In 2017 the building was dismantled into 15,000 individual parts and rebuilt on the urban field in the Urban Lakeside City.



Kunstland Nord means the use of the more than 50 hectares (500,000m2) of building wasteland of the future Urban Lakeside, i.e. the entire area between the districts already completed in the south and the Notgalerie forming the northern end.

By autumn 2019, more than 20 artists will be realizing works here. For the completion of the first phase of the project, works by the following artists have already been realized:

Oscar Cueto / Bartosz Dolhun / Matej Frank / Peter Fritzenwallner / Alfred Lenz / Silke Maier-Gamauf / Flora Neuwirth / Manuela Picallo Gil / Markus Proschek / Jasmin Schaitl / Siegfried Zaworka

In the Notgalerie itself, the artists' collective will take control of everyone on June 21 and will question the boundaries of Kunstland Nord beyond the interior space with interventions by about twenty artists. The opening of Kunstland Nord will also be a moment of encounter with the performative installation The Design of the Anonymous, an action under the direction of Daniel Aschwanden which, coming from the Seestadt, will confront Kunstland Nord with its choreography.


Performance Workshop by Jasmin Schaitl - Multisensorium Seestadt

In this two-day performance workshop in Kunstland Nord and the Seestadt Aspern, performance artist Jasmin Schaitl invites the residents and interested parties of the Seestadt to perceive their geographical surroundings in a new way. Through performative exercises at selected locations between the Notgalerie and the Seestadt, attention is drawn to audible, tangible, visible and perceptible details.

The participants are invited to perceive the Seestadt and its immediate surroundings as a multi-sensory, living organism and to throw new perspectives on existing patterns. The workshop is in close contact with the Listening Sculpture of Matěj Frank, which will open on June 9th at the Notgalerie.

On the second day of the workshop, Sunday June 23rd, there will be a collaborative, interactive intervention, which will be designed and realized by and with the workshop participants, for an audience.


- People of all ages, origins and sexes who live, work or spend time in the Seestadt, and who want to see their living environment from new perspectives.

- People who are interested in participating in artistic, performative interventions in public space.

- People who can participate in the workshop days 22 & 23 June and in the presentation after the workshop.

Place: Urban Field/Lake City Aspern, 1220 Vienna

Accessibility: U2 Aspern North

Matej Frank - Listening Sculpture "Monologue & Intervention by Jasmin Schaitl

Matej Frank presents the first of three interactive Listening Sculptures "Monologue" at Kunstland Nord, which captures the soundscapes of the former Aspern airfield as well as the new sounds of the growing Seestadt Aspern. Further Listening Sculptures will be produced on site in June and installed at Kunstland Nord for the summer. Jasmin Schaitl will present a performative intervention in conjunction with the Listening Sculpture.


Oscar Cueto / Manuela Picallo Gil - MOHNMANIE

MOHNMANIE (“poppy mania”) refers to an economy in which profit has replaced ethical principles. Oscar Cueto and Manuela Picallo Gil ask the question whether unethical practices are permissible in order to achieve economic benefit. This artistic collaboration does not question the nature of the poppy or the mass media, but rather that of the economic system, which allows and promotes polarization, social hierarchies and unequal working conditions in order to achieve a clear separation between those who produce and consume goods and those who claim profits.

These considerations are presented through a spatial installation, illustrations, a photographic work in public space, a publication, and a participatory action in the exhibition MOHNMANIE.


Alfred Lenz & Gerald Zahn - Snail race

The snail race is a co-production of Alfred Lenz and Gerald Zahn.


Alfred Lenz - Rainbow Snail Invasion

The season of the Notgalerie - Kunstland Nord starts on the state holiday, 1 May 2019. In the morning Alfred Lenz and helpers at the Notgalerie begin painting 100 Roman snails in rainbow colors. From 2 p.m. the afternoon starts with barbecue and drinks at the emergency gallery with a view over Kunstland Nord. In the evening Alfred Lenz will play a concert for the finished Rainbow Snail Colony in the emergency gallery.


Urbanes Feld/Seestadt Aspern

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Notgalerie-Kunstland NordReinhold Zisser

Time Period

May 1 to September 30, 2019

U2 Seestadt Aspern