My Last CarVeronika Hackl, Cosima Terrasse, Andrea Visotschnig

My Last Car

The art project MY LAST CAR (Mein letztes Auto) by Cosima Terrasse, Veronika Hackl and Andrea Visotschnig explores what the car still means to consumers today considering the current climate debate. During the performance the gas station was transformed into a social place and meeting point for a celebration of the (last) car.

On July 18, 2020, a temporary radio station broadcasted at a gas station at Triester Straße – however, not without any interference. While the regular customers cleaned and polished their cars as usual, a chorus of stories echoed from the car radios. From time to time a car whose engine had been cold for a long time appeared between the petrol pumps. It was cared for, maintained and treated. At the end of the day, it got into gear one last time for a new kind of race.

Following this performance, the art project MY LAST CAR will briefly reappear: As part of the interim presentation of the International Building Exhibition Vienna 2022 (IBA_Vienna 2022), a car whose engine remains cold will push short distances around the Helmut-Zilk-Park in Vienna Favoriten on 22 September 2020 from 2 to 5 pm and on 16 October from 4 to 7 pm. An audio piece will be heard on the car radio - consisting of a chorus of stories collected so far about the love for, but also the rejection of the car. Passers-by* are invited to interact with the car and become part of the performance. In this way, an ever new narrative emerges in the course of the afternoon.

Ich höre gerne Radio beim Autofahren. (I love to listen to the radio while driving.)
Ist das da die Tankanzeige? (Which one of these is the fuel gauge?)
Wo ist denn hier, mitten in der Pampa, (Where will we find a gas station,)
überhaupt eine Tankstelle? (stranded in the middle of nowhere ?)
Wo ist denn hier bitte mal jemand, (Where is someone)
den wir fragen können? (we could ask?)
Was heißt eigentlich „Tankstelle" auf Griechisch? (What's Greek for "gas station"?)
Oder wenigstens auf Englisch? (Or at least in English?)

MY LAST CAR is a project that softens fronts in the debate on climate change and enables discussions which are future-oriented without denying the history of the car. The dream of the family car allowing for the first common vacation, being able to drive independently into the nature, the fascination for and the beauty of this utility object which someone can finally afford... Technology or prestige are only some of the aspects related to the idea of the car. What if the car we own today was our last? And what would we miss if we no longer had cars? Would the gas station remain a meeting place when car care is no longer required?

MY LAST CAR is based on 50 memory albums collecting personal stories and associations with cars. They tell stories about the emergence of new cars after the fall of the Iron Curtain or about young people who do not even have a driving license but play out their "need for speed" in video games. The car becomes a relic of the climate crisis. Stories, facts and memories relating to the cultural asset of the car are condensed in the text of the radio play and mingle with the reality of what happens at the gas station.


Triester Straße 104, 1100 Wien
Triester Straße 114, 1100 Wien

Further Information

Participating Artists:
Veronika Hackl, *1988 in Rum, living and working in Vienna
Cosima Terrasse, *1990 in Paris, living and working in Vienna
Andrea Visotschnig, *1984 in Melk, living and working in Vienna

Andrea Visotschnig, Cosima Terrasse and Veronika Hackl have been working collectively since 2017. For the project ADMIRABEL - WAS KOSTET they received the Erste Bank MehrWERT design award in 2017. Their interest lies in collaborative processes in urban-community space and long-term artistic strategies outside of classical institutions.


My Last CarVeronika Hackl, Cosima Terrasse, Andrea Visotschnig

Time Period

July 18, 2020

MY LAST CAR: 18 July 2020:

14:00 Start
16:00 / 19:00 / 22:00: Performance (approx. 40 min)
23:00 Pushing car race
until 02:00 at the latest: celebration of the last car.

14:00-23:00: Triester Straße 104 (BP gas station), 1100 Vienna and
from 23:00 hrs: Triester Straße 114 (parking lot of the forestry and agricultural enterprise of the City of Vienna), 1100 Vienna



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