Nepomuk Dada Jukebox – Plastik ist fantastik! Bele Marx & Gilles Mussard

Nepomuk Dada Jukebox – Plastik ist fantastik!

"What could be healthier than claiming to be part of a Dada movement at a time when the meaning of things is being turned upside down?" asked Bele Marx & Gilles Mussard and with NEPOMUK DADA JUKEBOX they let music, performance and poetry meet in public space. Under the slogan "You are dada!", they invite the public as well as other artists to join them in making the appropriate costumes and objects during the day, which will be used in the evening in the Dada street opera with flashmob dance lessons, beatbox and violin music.

Beatboxers and the dance teacher Angelo call on the audience to actively participate and generate creative space for utopias, desires for change and ever new, unimagined constellations in a process of joint artistic research. "Artists are familiar with such processes and rely on their intuition, spontaneity and openness to coincidences―which may not be coincidences at all, but fixed variables of this journey into new territories. NEPOMUK DADA JUKEBOX calls on the audience to become part of this journey," the artists say.

"Many people realize that they no longer recognize themselves in different schools of thought. So what is left for us but a madness or a distancing from reality to reinvent a dreamlike world that soothes through the absurd on aesthetics and poetry? May this sweet madness be our therapy and our medicine against nonsense." (Gilles Mussard)


Johann-Nepomuk-Vogl-Platz, 1180 Vienna

Further Information

Cancellations and replacement dates will be announced via no later than August 26.

Bele Marx * 1968 Salzburg (AT), lives and works in Vienna (AT)
Gilles Mussard * 1956 Paris (FR), lives and works in Vienna (AT)

Artistic concept and project organization
Bele Marx & Gilles Mussard

Dance performance: Angelo (Gilles Mussard)
Beatbox: M.O.M. (mouthomatic)
1st violin: Matthias Adensamer
Speaker: Moana (Sara Dautaj)

Video and technical design
Claudia Virginia Dimoiu

Studio for costume, stage design and objects
Bele Marx
Sandra Fockenberger
Susanna Schaden
Agathe Descamps
Matilda Kohl

Sound and light engineering
Novak Audio

Jonathan Meiri

Elvira Faltermeier
Larry Williams

Maximilian Foit
Mathias Asamer (for Maximilian Foit)
Miriam Lausegger (for Sandra Fockenberger)

couscous & cookies, association for elastic poetry

With many thanks to Ewald Kühschelm, Marion Rusa, Brita Pohl, Udo Kapeller, Kathrin Röttger and Daniel Marq Kohl for their collaboration and support, as well as to Figlmüller for collecting plastic bottles.

2021 already saw the 1st edition of the Dada Jukebox on the Gürtel at KUBUS EXPORT. You can find pictures here.


Nepomuk Dada Jukebox – Plastik ist fantastik! Bele Marx & Gilles Mussard

Time Period

September 16 to 17, 2022

Tram 42, Johann-Nepomuk-Vogl-Platz

In cooperation with the district of Währing.

With the kind support of the Marktamt.

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