Dimensions Variable# (2022) – Promenadology /​ The World Behind Schönbrunnpresented by Verein Rote Kapelle

Dimensions Variable# (2022) – Promenadology /​ The World Behind Schönbrunn

For six weeks, the fifth edition of Dimensions Variable# follows in the footsteps of the Swiss sociologist Lucius Burckhardt and his wife, the urbanist and object artist Annemarie Burckhardt. "Bringing the environment back into people's minds" - a maxim of the Burckhardts, who developed promenadology or Spaziergangswissenschaft from their reflections - a cultural-scientific and aesthetic method that aims to purposefully expand environmental perceptions with reflexive walks.

National and international artists were invited to develop 15 interventions around the nursing home Lainz - the former "Geriatriezentrum am Wienerwald". Along the artistic works, an urban-rural walking path is formed, which spans the arc from Urban Art to Land Art and depicts the transition from city to natural landscape in Lainz.

The exhibition is accompanied by open-air concerts, discourse events in the Rote Kapelle and weekly, thematic tours that accompany visitors on their walks as performative art mediation.


Versorgungsheim, Versorgungsheimplatz 1, 1130 Wien
Speisinger Straße 65, 1130 Wien
Heinz-Nittel-Weg / Roter Berg (Gipfel), 1130 Wien

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Maria Anwander, Werner T. Bauer, Burlin Mud / MAHTPA, Bartosz Dolhun, Sophie Dvořák, Alexander Felch, Karin Ferrari, Peter Fritzenwallner, Carola Fuchs, Lisa Großkopf, Paul Gründorfer, Franz Hautzinger, Hrvoje Hiršl, Thomas Hörl, Christoph Höschele, Michaela Kisling, Adele Knall, Peter Kozek, Sebastian Meyer, Monsterfrau / Wicke-Aengenheyster, Martin Moser, Wolfgang Obermair, Karolina Preuschl, Werner Reiterer, Patrick Schabus, Olga Shapovalova, Anna Vasof

Concept, Curation: Alexander Felch
Paul Gründorfer (sound), Red Chapel (discourse)


Dimensions Variable# (2022) – Promenadology /​ The World Behind Schönbrunnpresented by Verein Rote Kapelle

Time Period

September 17 to October 30, 2022

DIMENSIONS VARIABLE# (2022) is funded by KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Public Service and Sport - Visual Arts, the District Council Hietzing and the Kulturverein Hietzing.

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