das normal ist irr ! wir sind mächtiger als irrglaubt !!starsky

das normal ist irr ! wir sind mächtiger als irrglaubt !!

On April 26, the Projektionsguerilla is touring Vienna with a moving text intervention from Museumquartier to Helden*innenplatz and Burgtheater. In 2000, the artist and activist starsky began staging text projections on government buildings under the name "the Projektionsguerilla" (the projection guerrilla); in 2013 they became mobile and eventually grew into a loose "guerrilla group". Their participants move between procession and protest march through urban and rural spaces on all kinds of vehicles, projecting large-format, fleeting text messages such as geometric and amorphous light images onto buildings, mountains or bodies of water from carts or boats. In urban spaces, these are primarily places of representation of political or cultural power, such as museums or monuments, which become the carriers of impressive messages.

The texts deal with issues of equality, human rights and self-determination as well as feminist concerns. As such, they open up new (thinking) spaces and call for civil society to have a say. The projection guerrilla is a process-based, participatory, transdisciplinary and polymedial format. Their mobile units are equipped with analog and digital projectors, sound systems, aggregates, computers, controllers and various self-built devices. They are accompanied by the audience, which is invited to participate.

Museumsplatz | Platz der Menschenrechte | Babenbergerstrasse | Burgring | Held*innentor | Held*innenplatz | Ring | Parliament | Löwelstrasse | Federal Chancellery | Presidential Chancellery | Burgtheater


Forecourt of the MQ Vienna

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starsky, lives in Vienna (A)


das normal ist irr ! wir sind mächtiger als irrglaubt !!starsky

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April 26, 2024

U3 Volkstheater

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