BrunnentrollAlex Franz Zehetbauer


…liquid trespassing…slippery song…amphibious futures…
Maybe evolution is a process of loitering?

Brunnentroll is a watery pathway of six sonic interventions in six different public fountains. Fountains are performative, they activate water and give it choreography, offering a space for people to gather.

Brunnentroll takes advantage of this reality by putting itself in-relation to the performative architecture and “audience” of public fountains. The watery environments of the city’s fountains are explored through a playful concert performance. Brunnentroll embraces the reality that the human body is made up mostly of water always leaking and emerging through relation. When we sweat, when we swim, when we drink, we are constantly engaged in a very personal hydrologic cycle. When we play in and with a fountain, its waters are quite literally changing us, and we it.


#1: Siebenbrunnen, Siebenbrunnenplatz, 1050 Wien
#2: Längenfeldbrunnen, Bruno-Pittermann Platz, 1120 Wien
#3: Richard-Kralik Brunnen, Richard-Kralik Platz, 1180 Wien
#4: Matteotti Brunnen, Sandleitengasse 43-51, 1160 Wien
#5: Wasserwelt Denkzeichen, Kardinal-Rauscher Platz 3, 1150 Wien
#6: Magna Mater Brunnen, Speisingerstraße 258, 1230 Wien

Further Information

The performances are also on Youtube! You can find the complete playlist via this link.

  1. Siebenbrunnen
  2. Längenfeldbrunnen
  3. Richard-Kralik Brunnen
  4. Matteotti Brunnen
  5. Wasserwelt
  6. Magna Mater Brunnen

Concept, performance:

Alex Franz Zehetbauer * 1990 New York, lives and works in Vienna

Musician: Christian Schröder
Artistic & Dramaturgical Consulting: Stina Fors
Production: mollusca productions
PR Design, Video: Claudia Lomoschitz

A production of Verein Wilhelmina.


BrunnentrollAlex Franz Zehetbauer

Time Period

June 28 to July 3, 2021

With thanks to Wiener Wasser, City of Vienna.



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