Zukunft einer VisionKrüger & Pardeller

Zukunft einer Vision

The plaza design Future of a Vision by artist duo Krüger & Pardeller relates to the situation of the plaza on the site of the former Aspern airfield, interweaving past, present, and future.

Meanwhile, an entire new urban neighborhood has risen up instead of the airfield and the aviation buildings. However, Krüger & Pardeller have incorporated a fragment of the runway in their project: By projecting a segment of the gridded airfield onto the plaza as a concrete square, they transfer it to the present. The characteristic array of the runways of the airport, which was opened in 1912 and remained in busy use until 1977, is preserved in geometric-sculptural elements.

The former orientation of the runways still determines the visual axes of the plaza today and thus perpetuates a piece of historical topography for the present and future. The bronze floor elements were cast from the surface of the historical taxiway and trace the layout of the former airfield. They invite walking on, looking at, feeling, and using them: The past is brought back into the present and made accessible to today’s users.

"Vision, through the interpretation of many, as transformation of that vision.”— With this poetic motto, Krüger & Pardeller make an appeal to us who are using the plaza today. Every vision — be it the dream of flight, or be it the bold design of one of the largest urban development areas in Europe — needs people who live that vision: everyone by themselves with their individual ideas, and all of us together.

The openness of the plaza and its function as a link across time and a mediating zone between city and neighborhood is supposed to provide freedom: freedom of use, freedom of encounter, freedom of interpretation, and freedom of communication.

As a result of the opening of the prominently located square, a publication in the form of a scientific-essayist artist's book will also be released. The book informs about the aesthetic premises of the design and reflects its real and symbolic topography in urbanistic, cultural and art essays. A documentation of the history of Aspern Airfield, richly illustrated with historical photographs, reveals the fascination of the area that continues to this day.


Vorplatz der U2-Station Seestadt, 1220 Wien, Österreich

Further Information

Krüger & Pardeller
Doris Krüger, *1974 in Vienna, living and working in Vienna.
Walter Pardeller, *1962 in Bozen, living and working in Vienna.

This project was selected as a winner's project in the course of an artistic competition. For more information please follow this link:




Zukunft einer VisionKrüger & Pardeller

Time Period

Since July 2020

U2 Seestadt



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