We are HERE!Anna Khodorkovskaya

We are HERE!

Taking up the Viennese (mosaic) tradition of art-in-architecture programs in the newly built Wildgarten neighborhood, Anna Khodorkovskaya makes the in-between of urban passages the starting point of her artistic considerations. Largeformat mosaics in glass mark the two transit ways of the municipal housing complex in Meidling as meeting places.

I am HERE, you are HERE, we are HERE! All of us are everywhere and in the IN-BETWEEN.

Situated at the interface of everyday aesthetics and art in public space, the respective mosaic pieces conjoin the passages to a visual as well as linguistic composition of forms. The in-between, the space of the passage, becomes a synonym for social relations and represents concrete food for thought on how life in the municipal building (and any togetherness in general) can unfold in intermediate spaces.

Not only “I am HERE!”, but the other, the neighbor, is also HERE! The artwork addresses how we want to live together in the here and now and can do so, as well as the issue of the future interplay of different ways of thinking and acting. Do I as an individual relate to the other or the other to me?How is togetherness in the municipal housing complex put to the test?

Each on their own and yet together, parts of speech, disjointed elements, and fragments meet in the passageways to form a multicolored and polyphonic mosaic landscape, thus lending the municipal housing complex a both poetic and identificatory character.


Gemeindebau NEU, Wildgarten, Ecke Wildgartenallee/Benyastraße, 1120 Wien

Further Information

Anna Khodorkovskaya, *1985 in Moscow, living and working in Vienna

Curator and production management: Barbara Horvath

Technical adviser: Elio Macoritto


We are HERE!Anna Khodorkovskaya

Time Period

Since February 25, 2021

Bus 63A, Wildgartenallee; Bus 58A & 58B, Schluckergasse



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