Seven poems /​ Seven daysDaniel Böswirth

Seven poems /​ Seven days

Art on the street,
Art for the street
City, advertising and perception

Public space is highly commercialized, especially visually. Freely designable spaces are rare. Thus the project aims directly at the core question: Who owns public space and what do we make of it?

On seven days, seven poems by Daniel Böswirth are to be hung in public places in Vienna. They all have a reference to Vienna or to people closely connected to the city. For this purpose, the artist carves seven poster templates in linoleum. Lettering and graphics each make up one printed sheet. The exciting and creative process of the initial printing will be transferred to the street. A large, mechanized linoleum printing press is set up, about ten freshly printed posters are distributed to the audience, and one of them is hung up. All residents of Vienna, as well as visitors and guests are invited to hang their own poems next to the poster, a selection of which will be printed and published as a book that will be available for free purchase in public educational institutions such as libraries from December onwards.

The entire printing process will be accompanied by music. Each poster hanging is followed by a poem reading directly from the poster.

Eine Stadt schreibt Gedichte – A city writes poems

All people are invited to hang poems on the spot themselves for a week starting from the poster hanging events.

  • Write a poem! In whatever form, in whatever language.
  • Tape it (please bring your own) to the designated board/post.
  • After a week, the board will be taken down and the poems will be kept. A small volume will be created from selected poems, which will be available free of charge in Vienna's libraries.

More information can be found at this link.


#1: Simone-de-Beauvoir-Platz 1, 1220 Vienna
#2: Schlingermarkt/District Office under the arcades in front of the former Schlingerhof Inn, Brünner Straße 34-38, 1210 Vienna
#3: Altes AKH, yard 1 at the Gedenkbrunnen, 1090 Vienna
#4: Sandleitenhof/below the arcades, Liebknechtgasse 30, 1160 Vienna
#5: Wasserwelt, Kardinal-Rauscher-Platz, 1150 Vienna
#6: Museumsquartier/little forest in front of the U2-subway-entrance, 1070 Vienna
#7: Central Garden/Donaukanal, Untere Donaustraße 41, 1020 Vienna

Further Information

Daniel Böswirth * 1968 Kaltenleutgeben near Vienna, lives and works in Vienna

You can find the publication to the project here.


Seven poems /​ Seven daysDaniel Böswirth

Time Period

Juni 18 to September 11, 2021



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