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From October 20, the façade of the Mistplatz in Ottakring will be dominated by street art and the question of sustainability: at the invitation of SOON Art Studio, the art collective founded in 2019 by Elisabeth and Rob Perez, eight artists will occupy approximately 200 square meters of the outdoor space of the Mistplatz Ottakring and establish it as a curated street art gallery in Vienna's public space for one year. In addition to the artists El Jerrino, Golif, David Leitner, Lym Moreno, Video oner and Sckre and Nadine Werjant, the curators of the project under the name Deadbeat Hero and Rapunze will each design 6 x 4 meter wall sections with large-scale paintings.

With the goal of making urban art more accessible to people, SOON Art Studio designs and plans murals for indoor and outdoor spaces, curates exhibitions, networks artists, and organizes workshops for interested laypeople. For the Ottakringer Mistplatz, the thematic examination of environmental issues was an obvious choice, which became the content bracket for the project and with which the artists found an open ear at the city's municipal department responsible for waste disposal (MA 48).

The Viennese "creative trash cans" with saucy sayings such as "Der tut nix! Der will nur Müll" or "Ich hab’ dich verMIST!" have become legendary and not only provide for general smiles, but also for an awareness in matters of waste disposal. Furthermore, MA 48 makes a name for itself with campaigns such as the painting of the street cleaning mini-tractors, the statements on the snow plows or the initiative "Guter Grund", peat-free soil from the Viennese organic waste garbage can. SOON Art Studio expands this spectrum with artistic statements that convey the seriousness of the topic with different aesthetic languages of form.


facade of the waste disposal site Ottakring, Kendlerstraße 38a, 1160 Vienna

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SOON Art Studio
Deadbeat Hero * in Houston, Texas (USA), lives in Vienna (A)
Rapunze * in Vienna (A), lives in Vienna (A)

Further artists: El Jerrino, Golif, David Leitner, Lym Moreno, Video oner and Sckre, Nadine Werjant


Open Street Art GallerySoon Art Studio

Time Period

Since October 20, 2023

U3 Kendlerstraße

With the kind support of MA 48.

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