LuegerTemporaryNicole Six, Paul Petritsch


The monument to commemorate Vienna's mayor Karl Lueger erected in 1926, who held office from 1897 to 1910, is highly controversial among the public today - and not without reason. Karl Lueger (1844 -1910) skillfully managed to build up an unprecedented cult around his person and captivated people as a "modernizer" and "advocate of the little people." With radically racist rhetoric and ruthless populism, he turned anti-Semitism into a political program.

With the installation "LuegerTemporär" Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch extend the discussion about the monument to other traces of Lueger in the city: they measured and documented commemorative signs - from busts to plaques - that can be found in Vienna and are dedicated to Lueger. Sixteen of these signs were gathered on Lueger-Platz in the form of their outlines in original size. Here they are now temporarily stored as a public archive. It is a kind of temporary memory storage system that shows us how Karl Lueger inscribed himself in the memory of the city of Vienna in many places.

The public is provided with a symbolic "display warehouse" that illustrates the process of ordering and structuring as a necessary basis for forming opinions. The artists thus invite a public process of reflection that can be thought beyond the square and be the starting point for public discussions or further artistic interventions. They expand the specific questions raised by the memorial to an overarching one: how do we as a society want and should deal with our historically burdened heritage today?

Lueger Memorial Signs:
- 1896 Lueger-Hof, Selzergasse 20-22, 15th district*
- 1903 portrait relief, Schule Haizingergasse 37, 18th district
- 1904 fountain at Siebenbrunnenplatz, 5th district*
- 1906 monument in Lainz, Lainzer nursing home, in front of pavilion XIV, Versorgungsheimplatz 1, 13th district*
- 1904-09 Karl-Borromäus-Brunnen, Karl Borromäusplatz 1, 3rd district*
- 1906 illuminated obelisk on Mariahilfer Gürtel, 6th district*
- 1910 Friedhofskirche zum heiligen Karl Borromäus, 11th district*
- 1910 gate complex Zentralfriedhof, 11th district*
- 1910 large relief sculpture, Schule Graf Starhemberggasse 8-10, 4th district*
- 1911 portrait relief, residential building Penzingerstraße 72, 14th district*
- 1913 Roland Brunnen, Lainz, 13th district*
- 1915 bust, Cobenzl, 19th district*
- 1926 naming of the square on Ringstraße as Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Platz, 1st district*, and bronze statue on stone pedestal, Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Platz, 1st district
- 1936 commemorative plaque Hamburgerstraße 9, 5th district*
- 1944 commemorative plaque TU, Karlsplatz 13, 4th district
- 1955 bridge, Albert-Schweitzer-Gasse / Badgasse, 14th district

* uncommented


Karl-Lueger-Platz, 1010 Vienna

Further Information

Nicole Six * 1971 Vöcklabruck (AT), lives in Vienna
Paul Petritsch * 1968 Friesach (AT), lives in Vienna

Project involvement
Production management: MVD Austria (Michael Rieper, Julian Berger)
Collaboration: Jiří Tomíček
Production: Franz Ritzer
Structural analysis: Werkraum Ingenieure

Length: 39 m, Height: 11 m, Width: 5 m

Texts on the Topic (in German)

Wien Museum / Magazin: Andreas Nierhaus, Der Bildhauer Josef Müllner. Mischwesen, Helden, Machtmenschen, 2022

Wien Museum / Magazin: Andreas Nierhaus, Das Lueger-Denkmal von Josef Müllner. Christlichsozialer Personenkult im Roten Wien, 2022