A Rainbow For HietzingMarkus Tripolt

A Rainbow For Hietzing

After a thunderstorm, a rainbow appears. In spring 2022, a thunderstorm of several years will pass over the VHS Hietzing, i.e. the building will be rebuilt and "shaken up". Here, the rainbow does not appear when everything is over, but as an announcement of what is to come. On the facade of the VHS the colours run down and form a rainbow. With this project, the color scheme is picked up and reinforced by the blinds that have characterized the house in the campaign "ICH WEISS" since 2014 and was also created and implemented by Markus Tripolt.
The colours visible to the human eye are all found in the rainbow. The colours of the rainbow have long been used to visualise human diversity and social openness. And it is precisely these colours that will be used on the façade of the Hietzing Adult Education Centre to send out a clear signal of cohesion and joie de vivre even before the general refurbishment. The implementation takes place in the so-called "Schnürltechnik”.

Parallel to this, the VHS Hietzing is trying to convince the district authorities in front of the adult education centre that three rainbow zebra crossings not only provide more safety, but are also a necessary signal for diversity, openness and tolerance, which are also necessary for Hietzing.


VHS Hietzing, Hofwiesengasse 48, 1130 Wien

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Markus Tripolt * 1965, lives and works in Vienna

You can find the video "Keine Angst vor Farbe" here:


A Rainbow For HietzingMarkus Tripolt

Time Period

November 23, 2021 to June 2023

Tram 62, Hofwiesengasse

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VIDEO Keine Angst vor Farbe

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