Ragazzo con Rose (Jüngling mit Rose)Marie Janssen, Daedalus Wien

Ragazzo con Rose (Jüngling mit Rose)

As part of the project Antonio Vivaldis letzter Sommer (Antonio Vivaldi’s Last Summer), the multidisciplinary art forum DAEDALUS presented the mural Ragazzo con Rose (Jüngling mit Rose) (Young Man With Rose), painted by Marie Janssen.
At the narrow wall segment of the Technical University building on Karlsplatz/corner Karlskirche the picture of a young gardener with roses appeared. On July 28, 1741, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was buried exactly here in Vienna — at the “Spitaller Gottesacker”, which existed until 1783. The mural is in memory of the musician who enjoyed European significance, and of all the dead of this former cemetery.
For the re-creation, the artist Marie Janssen used a painting by Ignazio Moder from 1799 in the Tuscan Villa di Geggiano in the old technology of casein painting. Ignazio Moder once painted a gardener of delicate grace with rose basket — the flower gardener for lordly gardens during the Baroque was called “pleasure gardener.” As symbolic bud in full bloom and marked by transience, the rose pervades human and art history. As early as pre-history and in antiquity, it was common to plant roses on graves, since the wild rose symbolizes eternal life. So the mural at the Karlsplatz was also to be regarded as rose gift, as a donation to the realm of the dead.


Vienna University of Technology, corner Karlskirche, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna

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Marie Janssen
*1989 in München (DE), lives and works in Vienna

Daedalus Wien
Forum for Discoveries in the Field of the Arts, of Thinking and of History was founded in 1984 by Gerhard Fischer.

About the work

Marie Janssen, Ragazzo von Rose (Jüngling mit Rose), 2012
casein on plaster
284 x 107 cm

Partner and sponsor

Austrian Federal Ministry for Education
Arts and Culture, Science Department of the City of Vienna


texts on the Baroque royal residence city of Vienna in the 18th century as well as a novella on Vivaldi’s death 1741, authored by Gerhard Fischer, as well as ca. 200 illustrations and six videos were published as parts of the project in the Internet:

Daedalus (ed.), Antonio Vivaldis letzter Sommer, Vienna 2012


Ragazzo con Rose (Jüngling mit Rose)Marie Janssen, Daedalus Wien

Time Period

June 1 to May 23, 2013



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