Ornamentale BaumalleeGilbert Bretterbauer

Ornamentale Baumallee

Gilbert Bretterbauer’s Ornamentale Baumallee (Ornamental Line of Trees) is featured by KÖR in collaboration with wien 3420 aspern development AG. A construction site fence on the Seestadt Aspern premises provides the support for a painted row of trees that grows with the Seepark neighborhood.

Trees rank among the crucial “natural elements” of the urban realm. The trees composed by the artist are comprised of two ellipses and a trunk positioned on a wooden ground. With the core of the abstracted form left free, Bretterbauer’s solution reveals its real origin: wood.

The ornamental band unfolding tree by tree embraces the construction site, as it were, and includes the “Fabrik,” an event location situated in the area, in its serial array. Ornamentale Baumallee transfers the representation of hoped-for future surroundings to the construction site as it actually presents itself.


in front of FABRIK, Sonnenallee 22, 1220 Vienna

Further Information

Gilbert Bretterbauer
*1957 in Vienna (AT)
lives and works in Linz and Vienna (AT)


Ornamentale BaumalleeGilbert Bretterbauer

Time Period

June 6th, 2017 until 2018/2019

U2 Seestadt - last stop

Lacquer on wood



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Video Ornamentale Baumallee in the making

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