Nüchtern GrünEric Kläring

Nüchtern Grün

The long-term project Nüchtern Grün (Soberly Green) understands public space in the sense of a metropolis: city and country are no longer differentiated, but are experienced as coherent space. Various urban spatial situations are observed with regard to the presence of debris, examined and mapped. This debris is the basis and starting point for a series of specific, temporary installations and placements of sculptures.

In the first project phase (2013) three different places were worked on with various specifications: in the greenery, at an axis. The axis is the Prater Hauptallee (main avenue in the Viennese public park Prater), a historic fragment of a pre-democratic political order. The three locations are partly older than the avenue and today are all marked by a green spatial nature — whether they are part of a Baroque garden, of an urban square or a park. The places are parts of other spatial and social structures than that of the avenue. They all cling to it, they overlay it, they define it and vice versa. Due to its scenic quality and ist location they have a spatial, social and structural potential that in this extension and clarity has a special significance for the City of Vienna. These locations, the typical features marking them and the accompanying axis were recorded on a map.

Text: Eric Kläring


Venediger Au 11, 1020 Wien, Österreich

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Eric Kläring
*1978 in Wolfen (DE), lives and works in Vienna


Nüchtern GrünEric Kläring

Time Period

April 15 to November 30, 2013

*The work was also intended for the Augarten, but the Federal Gardens did not permit it.



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