notgalerie Seestadtvarious artists, concept: Reinhold Zisser

notgalerie Seestadt

The notgalerie (makeshift gallery) is a former wooden church built in 1946 as a makeshift house of worship. Two years ago, the building was repurposed by Vienna-based artist Reinhold Zisser to serve as a provisional gallery that is readable as a total art installation. Its announced demolition prompted the current project of its translocation to the Aspern Urban Lakeside development area. The notgalerie shed-style building was dismantled board by board, moved, and reassembled in its new location. Its long history, preserved over decades in the urban fallow of its original location, is confronted with the dynamic progressive development of Vienna’s urban periphery, which is a urban development area of central interest in Vienna due to the Urban Lakeside project. The notgalerie project is conducted in two phases.

Phase I
In Phase I (July 14–29, 2017) the notgalerie was still situated in its original location on Ulanenweg 51 in Vienna’s 22nd district (Donaustadt). Phase I ended with the completed dismantling and removal of the building from its original site. The stages of the process were accompanied and commented by artists in installations, interventions, and performances throughout the second half of July.

Phase II
started on September 21, 2017 with the completion of the reassembled notgalerie at the Urban Lakeside and is scheduled to run until July 2018.

At the launch of Phase II the notgalerie building by Reinhold Zisser presented itself as a space-consuming open-air installation. Rainer Stadlbauer’s Plan Brut also is a reenactment of the relocation from Ulanenweg to the Urban Lakeside. A text installation from a performance by Peter Fritzenwallner from Phase I is embedded for the first time in the overall context of the notgalerie Seestadt. Young architect and notgalerie assistant Kristijan Icevski also works with signs; he is the one who put numbers of every last part of the building; signs that testify to the recent translocation and remain untouched during the reopening as artifacts from the process. Christoph Srb’s Wanderbar also has to go through relocation to a new place. A film by Christoph Schwarz, shot during the disassembly of the building and entitled Christoph hat die Marillen organisiert, trinkt Bier und nennt das dann Controlling shows scenes of the dismantling works. At the on-site flagpole, Luisa Kasalicky installs her work synonym für synonym, raising a flag that signals the eventual landfall of the notgalerie on the Urban Lakeside.


Ulanenweg 51 (Phase I) and Urbanes Feld, Seestadt Aspern (Phase II), 1220 Vienna

Further Information

Reinhold Zisser
*1980 in Vienna (AT), lives and works in Vienna (AT)

Christoph Srb
*1971 in Amstetten (AT), lives and works in Vienna (AT)

Martin Chramosta
*1982 in Zurich (CH), lives and works in Switzerland

Rainer Stadlbauer
*1985 in Bad Ischl (AT), lives and works in Vienna (AT)

Peter Fritzenwallner
*1986 in Neukirchen am Großvenediger (AT), lives and works in Vienna (AT)

Kristijan Icevski
*1986, lives and works in Vienna (AT)

Christoph Schwarz
*1980, lives and works in Vienna (AT)

Luisa Kasalicky
*1974 in Prag (CZ), lives and works in Vienna (AT)

Events from March 2018 - July 2018
During winter 2017 notgalerie Seestadt will develop its program for the period from March to July 2018. Announcements and further information will be provided on the project website.


notgalerie Seestadtvarious artists, concept: Reinhold Zisser

Time Period

July 14, 2017 until July 2018

U2 Aspern Nord



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Christoph Schwarz, Gesamtvideo zur 2-Kanal-Video-Installation "Christoph hat die Marillen organisiert, trinkt Bier und nennt das dann Controlling" (2017)

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