Lumen Mobile 1Stefanie Wilhelm

Lumen Mobile 1

“In my works I am concerned with the development of a new form of artistic-architectural language which mediates through the close linking of light and movement between perception, body and space.”

Quote: Stefanie Wilhelm

Through light and movement, in the installative design, the glass cube underneath the arch of the S-Bahn at the Lerchenfeldergurtel transformed into a relaxed, pulsating counterspace within one of the busiest urban traffic areas. Within the cube, reflecting plates turned on their own axis. At night as well as by day and in the sunlight, the rotating areas turned into luminous bodies. Each change in the light brings surprising nuances “to light” in the truest sense of the word. The pulsating of the traffic mirrored in the glass contrasts with the color and light changes of the installation. An island of perception came into being within the roaring flow of light and movement in the city which invited one to experience the contrast between the rush and the tranquility in one’s own perception.

Text: Axel Fussi


Kubus EXPORT Der Transparente Raum, Lerchenfeldergürtel/ Gürtelbrücke 48, 1080 Vienna

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Stefanie Wilhelm
*1967 in Neuburg an der Donau (GER), lives and works in Vienna


Lumen Mobile 1Stefanie Wilhelm

Time Period

May 12 to June 6, 2011



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