24 hour kampolerta city - k24h kampolerta

24 hour kampolerta city - k24h

24-hour kampolerta city was an artistic field for experimentation in order to test the foundation of an informal city in all its facets. On the wasteland of a highway ramp, existing structures were continued: a space emptied of ist function, a trash-scape, was reanimated for one day from dawn till dawn and was loaded with new meaning. 24-hour kampolerta city — k24h thus simulated a city within a city and played through selforganized building and life in a city.
With its compact time format the intervention generated intense experiences also for everyday urban processes and thus contributed to the special learning and understanding of urban practice. Through the rapid, informal urban construction, the limited access to the resource of space in a dense and quickly growing city such as Vienna became a theme, just as much as the treatment of socio-political and democracy-building processes in a spontaneous city society.

The simulated city k24h made situative, improvised building of housing and free space visible above all as a social process of negotiation similar to a marketplace — in the sense of the antique polis and the agora. Through the playful form of k24h new paths have been taken and thought. Fantasy was given full scope, since the activities and considerations in this instant-city were detached from the usual constraints of action.
24-hour kampolerta city was conceived as part of “ur3anize! Internationales Festival fur urbane Erkundungen 2012” (ur3anize! International Festival for Urban Researches 2012) by dérive — Association for Urban Research.


abandoned highway ramp between the A23 southeast expressway and the "grünland" allotment garden association

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are Melanie Anderwald, Irene Bittner, Christian Brandner, Dieta Drack, Milena Grossauer, Srdan Ivkovic, Renate Kurz, Lena Mally, Barbara Mayer, Elmar Nadler, Chris Richter, Barbara Schrattenholzer and Michael Franz Woels. Through their installations and performances the collective for landscape architecture, art and urbanism, established 2007, complements normative planning practices and offers a critical examination of urban open spaces.

Partners and sponsors
ur3anize! 2012 ≫Do the City Yourself≪ – International Festival for Urban Researches – founded by dérive – Magazine for City Research by Elke Rauth and Christoph Laimer


24 hour kampolerta city - k24h kampolerta

Time Period

October 6 to 7, 2012

von Sonnenuntergang bis Sonnenuntergang



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