Everybody thinks they are rightStefan Sagmeister

Everybody thinks they are right

An out-sized, white monkey with a fierce expression greeted passersby and car drivers at the “public space karlsplatz.” Maybe it reminded the viewers of a monkey from the Buddhist-shintoist belief that “sees not, hears not, speaks not.” Maybe one or another onlooker tried to sense the symbolic meaning of the monkey as fable animal in which the animal is either depicted as particularly stupid or extremely cunning.

For the designer and graphic artist Stefan Sagmeister, the inflatable object represents human hubris, prejudices and self-importance. Thus he stated that all human conflicts in the course of history could be reduced to a single sentence: Everybody thinks they are right. So with his huge ape Sagmeister was inviting to critical self-analysis.


KÖR at Kunsthalle Vienna public space karlsplatz

Further Information


Stefan Sagmeister
*1962 in Bregenz (AT), lives and works in New York

Monika Aichele

Design and typography
Stefan Sagmeister, Matthias Ernstberger

Joel Mangrum, Sportogo Inc

About the work

Everybody thinks they are right, 2007
PVC beschichtetes Nylon, Seile, Erdanker / PVC-coated nylon, ropes, ground anchor
270 x 1383 x 708 cm


Everybody thinks they are rightStefan Sagmeister

Time Period

May 2 to June 5, 2011



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