aufhängerBele Marx, Gilles Mussard


Sometimes a coincidental perception tips the balance for an idea. Sometimes an empty space, a lack of common means. Light, color and lines determine our perception of space. But our view is not free. It depends on our everyday life, on the objects that provide us with support, not least on those we wear.

The spatial installation by Bele Marx and Gilles Mussard was called aufhänger (Hook). It consisted of silver-colored wire hangers whose shadows cast abstract line structures at the wall. The fragile construction distorted the space and made the view run into emptiness. It is impossible to disentangle the lines, but their connection is the hook for individual ideas, images and spaces detached from the use value.

Text: Elvira M. Gross


Kubus EXPORT Der Transparente Raum, Lerchenfeldergürtel/ Gürtelbrücke 48, 1080 Vienna

Further Information


Bele Marx
*1968 in Salzburg (AT), lives and works in Vienna

Gilles Mussard
*1956 in Paris (FR), lives and works in Vienna


aufhängerBele Marx, Gilles Mussard

Time Period

March 10 to April 29, 2011