Video spot competition "20 SECONDS FOR ART": 5 winners were awarded


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"20 seconds for art" was a design competition of KÖR in cooperation with INFOSCREEN for an artistic spot on the subject of art in Vienna’s public space, to be shown on all INFOSCREEN displays within the city’s network in July and August 2015.

The spots should embody artistic examinations of the themes “city” and “urbanity”. Questions of the public sphere and the role of public art can be used as a starting point. To which extend does public art work as a hub for information exchange? Where do centres of communication open up and which scopes do they enable? Which kind of encounters do they facilitate? Where does public art position itself within these interplays?

Each of the selected spots will be shown on the INFOSCREEN displays of the city’s network every seven minutes for a period of two weeks in each case from July to August 2015.
Artists may choose one or both of the following media:
- Medium I: 44 screens in the subway stations
- Medium II: 570 screens in low-floor trams and buses

From about 200 applications 5 spots were awarded.

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Film Still: Claudia Larcher Claudia Larcher, Transfer
Film Still: Claudia Larcher
20.07. - 02.08.2015 / low-floor trams and buses
03.08. - 16.08.2015 / subway stations
Film Still: Peter Roehsler Peter Roehsler, SYSYPHOS SCAVANGER
Film Still: Peter Roehsler
20.07. - 02.08.2015 / subway stations
17.08. - 30.08.2015 / low-floor trams and buses
Film Still: Laura Skocek Laura Skocek, citizens
Film Still: Laura Skocek
06.07. - 19.07.2015 / low-floor trams and buses
17.08. - 30.08.2015 / subway stations
Film Still: Anna Watzinger Anna Watzinger, URBAN MOVING SCULPTURE
Film Still: Anna Watzinger
03.08. - 16.08.2015 / low-floor trams and buses
Film Still: Peter Zolly Peter Zolly, Colors Of Public Transportation
Film Still: Peter Zolly
06.07. - 19.07.2015 / subway stations