KÖR Guiding Principles

The KÖR jury has set the following goals as its guiding principles:

• Explore the urban identity of the city and offer modules for a new definition
• Revitalize and enhance urban space by installing temporary and permanent projects
• Enhance the quality of art in public space as well as foster, disseminate and document it.
• Promote art in public space as an important aspect of cultural work, thereby positioning Vienna better in an international context and sharpening its cultural profile in terms of contemporary fine arts.
• Understand art not as just “decoration” but as an independent means for dealing with current questions of social-political relevance in public space
• Provide special support for young artists within the framework of temporary projects
• Refer to important cultural activities and large events of the city and interpret them artistically within the KÖR organization
• Enhance the status of art in public space both as a creative process and in reference to the public so that it can be experienced as enrichment for the residents and visitors of this city.